CMGT 555 Week 4 Design and Security

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Design and SecurityPrepare a 3- or 4-page paper for this assignment. There are two parts to this paper.Build on the systems developmentselected in Week 2 and design 1 to 2 user interfaces. Explain how the user interface is consistent with guidelines for designing user interfaces and for designing a website. Using this interface that you have designed, explain the security risks and how these risks could be reduced or mitigated. Note. If the information system selected for development in Week 2 is not appropriate, you may choose another information system as the focus of this week’s assignment.Note: Down payment $10 for assignment Friday July 4, 2014 and completed assignment by Saturday July 5, 2014 along with remainder of payment of $15. The attachments below are of information needed and assignment must have reference and citations. Week 2 Week 3Openning PDF FilesChapter 4Chapter 5Chapter 6Chapter 7