Code of ethics, trade-off, potential risks 1 Summarize the importance of adhering to a professional code of ethics 2 What is meant by a trade-off? Who are the major players in performing trade-offs? 3 What are the methods, tools, and capabilities that will allow the project manager to “sense” potential risks before they are fully developed? 4 What kinds of changes can be made to contracts and procurement documents and how should they be managed? 5 What ethical considerations are involved in contracting and procurement? 6 When changes are made to schedule, scope, or resource allocation, how should they be reflected in the contract? What happens when contract adjustments are not appropriately made? What type of contract is used most often in your environment and why? Code of Ethics for United Services Automobile Assoc (USAA) Creating an original Code of Ethics for United Services Automobile Association (USAA) The company Code of Ethics, needs to include the following: 1 Guiding principles 2 Purpose of the code 3 Core values 4 Training and education 5 Definitions 6 What employees it covers 7 How it will be implemented/communicated 8 How it will be enforced and reported 9 Mission statement 10 Other pertinent elements you feel necessary to have a comprehensive Code of Ethics Please also include a short introduction and background of USAA and a summary of the Code The Code of Ethics must be 6-8 pages in length in APA format A minimum of three references in addition to the textbook must be used All references used must be less than four years old Textbook for reference: Stanwick, P A, & Stanwick, S D (2009) Understanding business ethics Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Code of Ethics for Nurses with Interpretive Statements Although often used synonymously, accountability and responsibility retain different meanings and actions within the healthcare community These differing values are also synonymous with success Issues of responsibility and accountability are addressed daily within medical offices, outpatient facilities, ancillary services, and hospital settings Healthcare Administrators, Senior Leadership, and middle management must recognize and support the importance differences that are stepping-stones to quality outcomes Ideas are then interpreted Code of Ethics: Dilemmas of Managers Answer the following questions about managers and ethical dilemmas Can you please help me get started? Managers have many opportunities to pursue their own interests and can use their power to take advantage of subordinates, limit their freedom, and even steal their ideas At the same time, managers may have a natural tendency to become risk averse In light of these ethical dilemmas, answer the following: a What kind of ethical code should an organization create to try to prevent the selfish managerial behaviors that can contribute to inertia? Give an example b How can your organization use ethics to encourage managers to maintain a risk-taking attitude that benefits all stakeholders? Give an example Code of Ethics: Compare codes for 3 publicly held companies, are they adequate for SOX? A Code of Ethics is a very important part of an organization’s Social Responsibility “Since the 2002 Sarbanes-Oxley legislations, any publicly held company is required to create its own code of ethics to deter wrongdoing and to promote ethical behavior” (Source: http://www12managecom/description_code_of_ethicshtml) Search the Internet for the following terms: “Sarbanes Oxley Code of Ethics” to find the SOX definition of a “code of ethics” and the requirements to meet the code Search the Internet for three publicly held companies and find their respective “Code of Ethics” Review the three different codes and write a page paper on the following: 1 What was in each respective code? 2 Is the code adequate to what the Sarbanes Oxley Act was requesting? Justify your answer 3 If each of these publicly held companies were to conduct business globally, what business or cultural challenges would be best handled by the respective codes? 4 Identify what may be missing in the respective codes that would assist the company in conducting business globally ~~~For this or similar assignment papers~~~