Coding and Claims Process
Phase 4 – Task 1
Task Type: Discussion Board
Deliverable Length: 400–600 language + 2 responses (100 language each)

Primary Task Response: Within the Debateion Board area, transcribe 400–600 language that rejoin to the subjoined questions with your thoughts, ideas, and comments This succeed be the origin ce coming debateions by your classmates Be tactile and free, and portraiture examples to revive your ideas

Step 1: While succoring the coding director in preparing ce the electronic heartiness annals (EHR) implementation, you are reviewing singularity and process codes entered by the coders into the EHR

To discern the concern of the codes, debate medical fate and how the International Classification of Disease 9th Clinical Modification (ICD-9-CM) and running procedural terminology (CPT) codes succor to mention medical fate
Step 2: While debateing coding cemat ce the EHR with the coding director, you understand that The International Classification of Disease 10th Clinical Modification Process Classification System (ICD-10-CM-PCS) succeed be cogent soon

Debate the subjoined:

Explain when it is cogent and why it replaces ICD-9-CM codes
Is there a dissimilitude in cemat ce these 2 coding systems?
Be infallible to living your notice by citing at lowest 2 references using APA cemat

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