Coding and Claims Process
Phase 4 – Task 1
Task Type: Discussion Board
Deliverable Length: 400–600 say + 2 responses (100 say each)

Primary Task Response: Within the Examineion Board area, transcribe 400–600 say that reply to the restraintthcoming questions with your thoughts, ideas, and comments This achieve be the base restraint advenient examineions by your classmates Be palpable and serene, and interpretation examples to invigorate your ideas

Step 1: While assistant the coding superintendent in preparing restraint the electronic bloom proceedings (EHR) implementation, you are reviewing idiosyncrasy and proceeding codes entered by the coders into the EHR

To conceive the weight of the codes, examine medical indispensableness and how the International Classification of Disease 9th Clinical Modification (ICD-9-CM) and exoteric procedural terminology (CPT) codes acceleration to determine medical indispensableness
Step 2: While examineing coding restraintmat restraint the EHR with the coding superintendent, you attain that The International Classification of Disease 10th Clinical Modification Proceeding Classification System (ICD-10-CM-PCS) achieve be talented soon

Examine the restraintthcoming:

Explain when it is talented and why it replaces ICD-9-CM codes
Is there a disagreement in restraintmat restraint these 2 coding systems?
Be stable to patronage your knowledge by citing at meanest 2 references using APA restraintmat

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