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Consider the given scenario.
Marcia and Mitch Dawson had been living together in New Mexico since 1998.
They purchased a condo together as joint tenants in April 1999. Mitch made the
downpayment from his savings. The mortgage payments were made from commingled
funds before and after the marriage. Marcia and Mitch married July 2003. In July
2009, they separated.
In August 2006, Marcia founded ChemTech Systems, with $50,000 that she
received as an inheritance from her grandmother. She worked full time for
ChemTech and owned all of the company’s stock. Mitch continued with his job with
another employer and was not involved in ChemTech’s operations. Due to limited
financial resources, Marcia did not draw a salary from ChemTech until August
In September 2009, ChemTech’s first product was approved by the Food and Drug
Administration. Shortly thereafter, Marcia sold all of her ChemTech stock to a
large pharmaceutical firm for $50 million. Two days later, Marcia filed for
dissolution of marriage.
Discuss the legal ramifications of the division of condo, ChemTech and other
assets. Would it make any difference if Marcia sold the property after filing
for the dissolution of marriage?
Submit your answers in a 3- to 4-page Microsoft Word document.
Name your document: SU_MBA5005_W4_A2_LastName_FirstInitial.doc.
must be in APA style with cictations
must be completely original workonly us US laws and scholorly citions