Communication Paper
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Definition of Communication
It is nearly impossible to conduct daily activities without communication. Communication is basically defined as the exchange of information from one party to another. The person who send the information is normally referred to as the sender while the recipient is branded as receiver. Conveyance of information is determined by various factors such as geographic distance and possibility of interruption within the channel of transmission. It is paramount to note that ideas are passed to the second party, with the intention of executing the intended purpose. As a discipline, communication helps in connecting other fields, whether science or art. However brilliant an idea could be, if proper communication is not applied, it remains abstract without any clear guideline.
The role of communication cannot be overstated. The ability to connect with each other is the primary reason behind effective communication. It could be difficult to interact with colleague if the basic requirement of effective communication is not enacted. Imagine a situation where workers do not understand each other within the working environment? Remember managers and supervisors have to continually delegate duties to the juniors in a professional way. If there are problems in good communications skills, the information could be misinterpreted resulting to misguidance. For example, a well performing organization is determined by how well the employee relate with each other in realizing the objectives.
There are different types of communication. One is verbal communication which involves talking, listening and others. The sender of information must have good oral skills in passing information. Moreover, we have written communication. It entails sending messages to a second party. The transcribed work should bring sense to person who reads the message. Finally, body language is also used to send message. You can easily tell the feeling of an individual by simply looking at their facial expression. Therefore, communication goes beyond the normal verbal utterances that we are used to.