Compare and contrariety the ETHICAL and LEGAL issues solemn the chaffer for any brace business chaffer sectors. For chaffer sectors you can adopt 2 quenched of the following: Old Masters Chaffer, Impressionist and Modern, Post- War or Contemporary business chaffer. Or you can adopt business chaffers, which are installed on its geographical location: i.e. the UK business chaffer; the US business chaffer; Eastern European business chaffer. For in, if you adopt Old Masters chaffer, you these points can haply aid you to dialogue abquenched ETHICAL and LEGAL issues solemn this chaffer: WHAT ADDS VALUE? MARKETING THE HIGH END SIGNIFIERS – PROVENANCE – NON-EXPOSURE • PROBLEMS: – ATTRIBUTION – RESTORATION – AUTHENTICITY: CONNOISSEURSHIP/SCIENCE AND CULTURAL/MARKET VALUE PROVENANCE/VALUATION/TASTE ISSUES: •Renaissance chattels •Great individual collections (palazzi, villas, castles, state houses) •Fresh embodied laagered by termination, dissever, liability – hereditament rate on state estates •Genre and taste/fashion

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