Description Compare and contrast the life and character of Medea (from Medea) with those of (at least two) of the following female figures: Helen, Briseis, and Andromache (from the Iliad). How and to what extent are they representations—or negations of—traditional Greek womanhood? What seems to be the attitude of the author(s) toward these women—and to women in general? Discuss. What the say should include: 1. Make sure YOU use quotes and quotes over four lines should be indented and single-spaced. The book number and line number should be used. 2. paper should have a formal essay structure; that is, it should have an introduction that leads your reader into your essay topic and a thesis statement that presents the argument that your paper is going to make in detail. It should also have a conclusion that goes beyond simply summing up the essay. 3. It should keep readers glued to their seat and the essay should have a nice flow.

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