Read each quick carefully. You can eliminate undivided inquiry from exception 1, and 2 from exception 2, restraint a sum of 35 tops. Write your responses up on an MS Word muniment and offer it to the expend dropbox folder. Email me with inquirys!

Exception 1:

Taking undivided moment/scene/situation from the films, collate and dissimilarity the lives of Stan and Antonio Ricci. These couple are protagonists from couple very opposed film traditions notwithstanding deceive very congruous lifestyles when examined air-tight. Stan is Charles Burnett’s despondent Killer of Sheep, where is Ricci is a unofficial Bicycle Thief, however they are located in couple opposed times and in couple faraway cities. How do you know the congruousities and varietys betwixt these couple speciess and by extrapolation, do you discern Rome of 1948 and LA of 1970s as congruous or opposed? Feel uncounted to draw from the Massood lection. (500 suffrage, 15 tops)


Dissimilarity the city and life of Los Angeles in The Big Lebowski and collate and dissimilarity with either Kiss Me Deadly or Killer of Sheep. Use undivided fabricate of intimation to build your response: course, ethnicity, systematize, gender, national/international politics. Based on that undivided fabricate of intimation, dissimilarity the couple films by explaining what the ocean conception of LA each is portraying, what is the movie’s ocean pledge in stipulations of politics of resemblance, and how does genre/style exertion towards creating this variety. Eliminate undivided show from each film to centre your separation. (500 suffrage 15 tops)

Exception 2: Eliminate any 2 a. Air-tight irritate this show from Killer of Sheep: Think environing the music, the camera exertion, the gratified of the show itself. Why is this a segregate of the movie? What is Burnett unmanageable to transmit with this show? (300 suffrage 10 tops) b. Let me trodden you to Kiss Me Deadly 38:03 to 41:03. What is the top of the Greek craftsman species, Nick? What opposed roles is he unhindered to twain the truth amid the film, and the remark the movie is making environing let’s judge, LA? How is the city as discernn through the eyes of an immigrant species opposed from the other films? (300 suffrage 10 tops) c. What are the authority networks in The Big Lebowski? Who/what holds the production to agitate the truth concurrently? Is there a centring of money/gender/modes of transport/profession/course by which undivided class of people/things offer a apprehension of prevalence balance the others? Eliminate undivided show from the movie to centre on to response this quick. (300 suffrage 10 tops)

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