** Write assignment in question and answer format (use level 2 headings for questions)

** You are to use, and cite, at least 5 outside scholarly sources for support in your paper and include a reference page. Course textbook must be included as one of five sources. (Textbook: Feist, Feist and Roberts (2021). Theories of Personality. (10th edition). McGraw-Hill Publishers. New York. ISBN10: 1260175766)

– Scholarly references include journal articles, book chapters, books, and websites ending with .org, .edu, and .gov.

**Keep in mind, some theorists have official websites which will be accepted as a scholarly source.
Magazine articles (Time, Newsweek, Psychology Today) and most internet articles, are NOT usually scholarly references. If you are unsure, please ask your instructor.
** Your paper must be written in APA style
** Title, and reference, page are not part of the 5-7 page count requirement.

Write a 5-7 page research paper on one of the theorists listed below
Select from:
Viktor Frankl
Rollo May
R.D. Laing
Karen Horney
Fritz Perls
Roberto Assagioli
Erich Fromm
David Buss

Compare and contrast their theory with one of the theorists we have discussed in the course:

Briefly and succinctly summarize the two theories

Discuss similarities between the two theories

Discuss differences between the two theories

Discuss the therapeutic approaches of each

Discuss your opinion as to the relevance (or not) of each theory to today’s society with examples of how they are relevant or not.

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