Similitude of Retired E-commerce Dispense in India and China- Predicament of Flipkart and Alibaba


E-commerce is the manifestation of electronic platform ce buying, selling, transplant, or substitute of attribute and availAlyoubi (2015). Concisely, E-commerce has brought cast in the provisionping behavior of customers and has concurrently transitional the practice of doing interest. With the vulgar manifestation of Interentoil everything has succeed at segregateicular regulartle “at the click of a saveton” we can provision abquenched the globe. The e-commerce has besucceed the buzzword and has proved to be requirely ce customer as courteous as interestes. E-commerce is conducive 24*7 through website to provision ce attribute and avails and gather them to their cart and consummate acquittals using something-ascribable card, defence card, interentoil banking, or money on exhibition and manifestations are delivered at their doorsteps amid a social era brace (Mishra & Kotkar, 2015). (Kumar & Khosla, 2017) Ecommerce has been categorised as B2B (Interest to Interest), B2C (Interest to Consumer), C2C (Consumer to Consumer), C2B (Consumer to Interest), B2G (Interest to Synod).

Developing countries has a enormous enjoyly ce e-commerce. (Jeyashoke, Vongterapak, & Long, 2014) ordinary that online provisionping has confirmed astride in China and India, brace Asian giants which are ranked straightforwarding and promote regardively. These brace economies possess pay growing bulk retired manifestation (GDP) and most employed countries in the globe. Retired e-commerce companies affect Alibaba and Flipkart has create momentum in their sales targeting civic consumers. Stagnant, there is stationary wide sylvan population which signifies an untapped dispense to resultion on. Alibaba is a Chinese e-commerce rooted founded by Jack Ma in 1999 runs a C2C and B2C dispensesettle (Qing, 2008). Flipkart is an Indian e-commerce audience fixed founded by Sachin and Binni Bansal in 2007 (Fatima, 2014).

The motive of this disquisition is to parallel and analyse the retired e-commerce dispense namely, Flipkart and Alibaba in enucleateing or emerging economies affect India and China. Defys of e-commerce in enucleateing countries is to-boot mandatory in-order-to analyse their augmentation patterns in biased province. I conciliate examine the organizational elucidation of Alibaba and Flipkart to effect my similitude of retired e-commerce toil. I conciliate examine the cultural tome of online dispose-of stores in India and China which would be another sign of my examine.

Learning Review

As ordinary byRay (2011) “As a virtue of globalization, e-commerce represents the cruel plane of ovation in this digital seniority and it has transitional and is stationary changing the practice interest is conducted abquenched the globe.” The sum of interentoil manifestationr ascend sharply in enucleateing countries. Enucleateing countries namely, India and China possess some niggardly signs ample population, increasing mediocre rank, excellent augmentation trounces, and increasing ceeign trodden cannonade (FDI) Eisenberg and Gupta (2015). India substance a popular synod Prime Minister Narinder Modi has inaugurated Digital India and merciful towards ceeign trodden cannonade. China is the amplest emerging dispense in the globe and e-commerce has confirmed astride.

Alyoubi (2015) in his disquisition E-commerce in Enucleateing Countries and how to Enucleate them during the Introduction of Modern Plans”, presents a telling definiton of e-commerce. The disquisition enlights the the predicament of enucleateing countries and barriers to augmentation of e-commerce in enucleateing countries. Kumar and Khosla (2017)to-boot elobrates the opposed e-commerce designs i.e B2B, B2C, B2G, C2C, and C2B and “Augmentation of E-Commerce in India”.

Hawk (2004)afford a indelicate prospect of “A Similitude of B2C E-Commerce in Enucleateing Countries”. The disquisition identifies the defys of e-commerce in enucleateing countries such as stagnation of telecommunications infrastructure, cultural barriers, logistics barriers, stagnation of dutyworthiness unformed consumers, stagnation of awareness unformed consumers, abject averseniority insucceed population, stagnation of lawful and regulatory plan. Bansal (2011) traces the interentoil result in Augmentation of the Electronic Commerce in China and India: A Comparative Examine” and identifying factors biasing as barriers and driving ceces. Interentoil connectivity symmetrical straightforwarding in India than China save China is distant in grade becamanifestation of paraphrase of interentoil infrastructure.

Jeyashoke et al. (2014) has ordinary in this disquisition Does Cultivation Matter? A Predicament Examine on Online Dispose-ofing Stores opposite Three Asian Countries.”Hofstede’s dimensional design of true cultivation to examine in profundity the dissimilarity in online stores and we would nucleus on lewd most divert tome to consumer behaviour namely segregateicularism-collectivism (IDV), might removal (PDI), masculinity-femininity (MAS), and hesitation pretermission (UAI).

Individual-collectivism magnitudes the connection unformed entitys. It represents the practice in which segregateicular totaly them themselves self-directed or accumulatively. Occasion substance segregateicular they are lowest dsingle by other tribe save are driven by their indivisible gaitences and insufficiencys. Whilst in collectivism they bias as a segregate of a assemblage and folabject the obligations imposed by assemblage. Green, Deschamps, and Paez (2005) mentioned in his disquisition that plane of segregateicular-collectivism varies amid each province. The segregateicular-collectivism does impacts the consumer buying patterns, as in segregateicular would gait buying manifestations alparticular and would consummate judgment fixed on his late trial and possess gaitence stagnant in collectivism tribe provision in assemblages and their judgments relies on origin or friend’s perspective of stigma. Segregateicular provision ce departed odd designs in the dispense occasion in collectivism they provision ce stigma and condition manifestations.

Might Removals media variations unformed masses should be nearened and similarity exists discurrent departed guidecible and near guidecible tribe (Jeyashoke et al., 2014).Generally in origin everyparticular is treated resembling. Tribe regard buying judgment of superiors in ample might removal cultivation occasion in slight might removal tribe are operating to consummate judgments. The rare of stigmas is their possess judgments.

Jeyashoke et al. (2014) says that Hesitation Pretermission media the station to which tribe handle frightened by hesitation and strive to miss such situations. In excellent hesitation pretermission cultivation tribe are departed worried abquenched their defence and aid to sidestep promote as plenteous enjoyly as they can occasion in flimsy hesitation pretermission cultivation tribe reflective of promotes in their day to day spirit and exhibit it to be essential segregate of ovation. In excellent hesitation pretermission cultivation tribe insufficiency departed rules and maxim to expedite spirit since in flimsy hesitation pretermission cultivation tribe are departed big-minded and happier to possess near rules. Consumers from flimsy hesitation pretermission are public, dynamic, innovative and entrepreneurial occasion excellent hesitation pretermission consumers withstand transmute and don’t recognize odd manifestations and are departed dependable on stigma manifestations to elude promote.

In hardy cultivation tribe are departed competitive and enjoy condition and money where as in delicate cultivations tribe aid to be operating and enjoy spending era in treaty (Jeyashoke et al., 2014). Role of men and women is a telling subject-matter to obobey as in hardy cultivation mate possess judgment making might in cannonades and stay and wives are subject ce conversant judgment ce example origin purchasing occasion in delicate cultivation mates would consummate conversant duties affect provisionping identical as wives.

China- Biased Defys ce E-commerce

China is a payest growing management with 1.3 billion population and segregateicular slip plan strictly imposed by synod to guide the population save at the identical era it has globe best manner and telemessage entoilworks amid its elder cities (Martinsons, 2008). China’s sensitive phparticular manifestationrs surpassed sensitive manifestationrs in United Says in 2001 making it amplest sensitive message dispense in the globe (Tan & Ouyang, 2004). As telemessage avails are increasing and decent affordable by ample masses which is promising tribe to manifestation interentoil on planic premise to e-commerce is dutyworthinessing.

As interentoil arrival increases exhibition sorrows are elder defy ce e-commerce. Impenetrable maxim are there on columnal avails and rapture by rail and water (Martinsons, 2008).

Chinese rooteds faces solemn impediments affect insufficiency of lawful laws, and defence manifestations stagnant, banking sector to-boot has retirement manifestation and defence sorrow totalied to defence card manifestation (Tan & Ouyang, 2004). It media that Chinese rooteds are at promote becamanifestation of the insufficiency of plan and lawful defence. Though Chinese banks has manifestationd multifarious something-ascribable card and defence card by 2007 stationary consumers gait money-on-exhibition and column duty transplant occasion provisionping online from e-commerce website to consummate acquittals (Martinsons, 2008). This media China stagnations in financial avails as money is manifestationd to consummate acquittals and manifestation of something-ascribable cards and defence cards are fitting meagre to some stores or locations singly.

Business-to-Consumer (B2C) e-commerce in China was initially legitimized and the way to attain synod acclamation ce stating up online design in China is a callous undertaking (Martinsons, 2008). Online Speculations insufficiency to enlighten synod that by contrast up this interest it would be liberal to twain management as courteous as collection. B2C e-commerce websites are created by entrepreneurs with retired and ceeign speculation proud (Tan & Ouyang, 2004). In china banking toil is say possessed and grant loans to say possessed interest as paralleld to retired rooteds (Martinsons, 2008).  Electronic acquittal infraedifice in China are referable supported e-commerce. Thus, architecture connection with persomal banks is an weighty undertaking ce online interest rooteds in China to alabject defence card acquittals, money-on-delivery, bank transplant and columnal acquittals. Consumers gait buying slight manifestations and consummate acquittals ce the identical through something-ascribable or defence cards  and provision impenetrable manifestations gaitring money-on-exhibition (Martinsons, 2008).

India -Biased Defys ce E-commerce

The e-commerce was introduced in mid-1990s in India and the defys it faced at the commencement were flimsy electronic acquittal infrastructure, stagnation of interentoil infraedifice and stagnation of awareness in customers (Mishra & Kotkar, 2015). It createed momentum in mid-2000 oblation online avails in pilgrimage avails to customers which holds a most weighty distribute in e-commerce (Mishra & Kotkar, 2015).

The result of e-commerce in India has been an uphill undertaking and faced compact defys such as insufficient infrastructure, logistics barriers, and stagnation of toll standardization (Kumar & Khosla, 2017). Delivering manifestations, unendangered and close to fit consumers and at fit era is the intricate toil. Columnal avails in India are referable worthoccasion to depend upon and emissary companies arraign a enormous sum ce their avails. E-commerce rooteds must attain excellent enjoyd manifestations insured athwart the waste of pilfering. The toll edifice in Indian management is very confusing as there are compact tolles imposed on attribute and avails which varies from say to say such Octroi arraigns, Say enstrive toll, Enjoy Gathered Toll (VAT) and recently imposed GST in management by Narinder Modi.

Meagre interentoil arrival and telemessage infraedifice is another impediment ce e-commerce augmentation. It trounces uncourteous on Interentoil Infraedifice and ranks in depth in similitude of 57 countries (Fatima, 2014).  Insufficiency of defence and dutyworthy advice are referable closed online which hinders the e-commerce augmentation. Cyber Crime in e-commerce if to-boot another defy ce defence card manifestationrs in India (Kumar & Khosla, 2017). In appoint to consummate way of e-commerce unendangered and not attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable spurious synod has passed Advice and Technology Bias.

India has meagre arrangement channel; sylvan and civic customers are granted with acquittal options as grade acquittal and money-on-exhibition regardively (Fatima, 2014). Customers are referable believing plenty to accept the manifestations identical as appointed if acquittal is dparticular in grade. Consumers stagnation digital awareness and thus are referable educated on using Interentoil as provisionping platform. Excellent require of interentoil arrival is another stepping stone.

Bansal (2011) in her disquisition describes the sum of manifestationrs and indelicateband endorsers in India and China has increased in late five years. Synod in enucleateing countries conceive the collocation of straightforward manifestation of ICT in economic augmentation, and had hence possess enslaved biasion to endorse indelicateband connections.

Figure 1 pomps the sum of Interentoil manifestationrs in China (Bansal, 2011).


Figure 1. Sum of Interentoil manifestationrs in China

Figure 2 represents the sum of Interentoil manifestationrs in India (Bansal, 2011).


Figure 2. Sum of Interentoil manifestationrs in India

Figure 3 pomps the augmentation of Indelicateband endorsers in China and India (Bansal, 2011)


Figure 3. Augmentation of Indelicateband endorsers in China and India

Organizational Elucidation of Alibaba is a portion of the Alibaba Assemblage of companies and runs twain interdiplomaticly and retiredally in china with registered manifestationrs of abquenched 30 favorite concomitantly from 240 countries and 62 favorite registered manifestationrs singly from China (Qing, 2008). Alibaba has besucceed global e-interest deep and initially symmetrical with B2B avails ce slight and moderation wideness penetrateprises (SMEs) including 5 opposed companies namely, Taobao, Alipay, China Yahoo (Huang, Hu, & Lu, 2009). Its18 founders symmetrical Alibaba assemblage, led by Jack Ma, an English learning instructor. Jack Ma’s vision is to construct e-commerce ecoplan which permits consumers as courteous as interestes to do interest online (Qing, 2008). Taobao is a computer contrived second messaging dupe that enables quotation, video message, and audio unformed sellers and buyers. Alipay is the third-party online acquittal platform with no transforce fees.

Organizational Elucidation of Flipkart

Flipkart was founded by brace computer-engineering students, Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal passed quenched of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi who were to-boot ex-employees of (Mishra & Kotkar, 2015). Initially Flipkart symmetrical selling books online and reluctantly distant in selling manifestations affect electronics, practice and drapery, regulartlement jewel coercioneseeing (Jeyashoke et al., 2014). Currently, Flipkart is India’s amplest e-commerce audience ascribable to mightful entoilworking and stanch customer connection and to-boot sells its attribute and avail through a audience designated WS Dispose-of (Mishra & Kotkar, 2015).

Flipkart introduced “Cash-on-Delivery” which permits customers to consummate acquittal at the era of exhibition of manifestation (Jeyashoke et al., 2014). Flipkart to-boot provides other acquittal plans such as entoil banking, something-due/defence card occurrences, e-gift voucher and card swipe on exhibition (Mishra & Kotkar, 2015). These acquittal plans were introduced as online provisionping was a odd recognizeing in India and to customers either don’t possess defence /something-ascribable cards or were dazed ascribable to defence manifestations. Flipkart provides 30-day revert plan to its customers in predicament the manifestation is damaged or referable identical as pictorial.

Comparative Examine of With

Jeyashoke et al. (2014) mentions in his disquisition that Cultivation and management patterns are deep drivers of e-commerce augmentation as shpossess in Table 1 below


Table 1. Cultivation indices of Indian, Chinese, and Thai. Source: (Jeyashoke et al., 2014) online provisionping website in China

The sum of interentoil manifestationrs in China has increased ten percent and reached 242 favorite in 2013 which consummates China the biggest online provisionping dispense (Jeyashoke et al., 2014).

Figure 4. webpage is an interdiplomatic dispensesettle ( concentrating global consumers and a Chinese dispensesettle ( concentrating china’s retired consumers. In China, targets C2C and B2C dispensesettle ( e-commerce designs.

Figure 5. webpage

Taobao ( is segregateicular the biggest auction site in China and was founded in 2003 by Alibaba Assemblage Holding Meagre. Initially it superveinsufficiency a “operating of arraignd” strategy which media there was no listing fee and transforce fee ce a era brace of 3 years to attrbias sellers and buyers (Jeyashoke et al., 2014). To assure the soften occurrences Taobao has introduced acquittal business knpossess as “Zhifubao (Alipay) which transplant acquittals to sellers restraintthcoming the manifestations are delivered to buyer (Jeyashoke et al., 2014). This acquittal plan is salubrious to twain sellers and buyers.

Taobao has familiar consummate ranking edifice in which buyers and sellers trounce themselves to enbelieving sellers possess virtue manifestations and enjoy if buyers are cheerful consumers. The ranking grounds of each seller and buyer robust by epoch of using website and the sum of occurrences coercioneseeing. online provisionping website in India

The sum of interentoil manifestationrs in India has increased balance the years. Flipkart sells manifestations through its possess warehomanifestation designated WS Dispose-of. Eisenberg and Gupta (2015) says that Flipkart has regular up its warehomanifestation in opposed says of India namely, Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Karnataka with an poetical expobelieving of Indian consumers. Flipkart offers distant dispose of acquittal options to its consumers including something-ascribable card, defence card, money-on-exhibition (COD), online banking, and Manageable monthly firstfruits (EMI). Customers can advantage the avail of manageable monthly firstfruits to pluck three, six, or twelve months’ era brace to consummate the acquittal of impenetrable manifestations as mediocre-insucceed rank of consumers are departed in India.

Figure 6. webpage

Flipkart has to-boot introduced PayZippy to prepare payer, close and softener acquittal plan in e-commerce. Substitute plan of Flipkart is another notable sign which permits customers to revert defected manifestations amid 30-days. Flipkart manifestations gregarious dispenseing dupes such as Facebook and Twitter to pounce its customers. Conceiveing the stagnation of interentoil infraedifice Flipkart has manifestationr cordial website which runs at a abjecter expedite of interentoil as-well.

Table 2 pomps a abstract of Indian and Chinese e-commerce gateway pomping deep manifestations, acquittal plan, message dupe and other signs as discussed balancehead (Jeyashoke et al., 2014).

Table 2. Abstract of the clew signs Source: (Jeyashoke et al., 2014).



Effect of collectivism on online customer behaviour

Consumer buying judgments are biblical by condition in scoiety and origin avails. Dutyworthiness is the buiding arrest on the premise of which consumers transfer buying judgments. Tribe superveneing collectivism select stigmaed manifestations to minimise promote.

Comparing the brace countries India and China, India has scored apex segregateicularism cultivation  which is closely 50 as paralleld to China which scored fitting 16. This depicts that India has segregateicularistic collection edifice than China.

Effect of might removal on online customer behaviour

As shpossess in Table 1 China scored 74 which is excellentest as comared to India which scored 71. Excellent might removal in brace countries represents inevirtue unformed its masses. In India race plan has a giant bias o n its cultivation and supervenes a ranked regularup. China supervenes Confucianism where tribe awe their seniors in origin and dutyworthiness stigmaed manifestations.

Online provisionping has brought transmute in the provisionping plan of customers stay in twain sylvan area with meagre abnormity of manifestations and civic areas with meagre era ce provisionping. Flipkart conceives the transmute in aid of provisionping in sylvan ares and caters to their claim by oblation a abjecter account of website which resultion courteous with abjecter expedite of internet. Taobao to-boot familiar ranking edifice ce its buyers and sellers providing a platform with transperancy.

Effect of uncertainity pretermission on online customer behaviour

Table 1 pomps that India scored departed than China i.e 31 and 21 regardively in uncertainity pretermission. It represents that buiding dutyworthiness has been the nucleus ce twain Taobao and Flipkat in Chinese and Indian dispense. Taobao presented Alipay and Flipkart granted PayZippy to enbelieving customers that there acquittals are close and consummate their provisionping trial complacent.


Effect of masculinity-femininity on online customer behaviour

India and China twain has masculinity cultivation in their economies. Male and womanly play conspicuous role in provisionping. Womens possess departed sorrow in conversant provisionping in twain India and China.

Table 3 summarizes the attribute of lewd cultural tome on e-commerce gateway of India and China.


Table 3. Abstract of the attribute of lewd cultivation tome on online dispose-of stores. Source: (Jeyashoke et al., 2014)


China and India are the ample emerging dispenses which distribute multifarious things in niggardly affect most of its population stay in sylvan areas, illitetrounce tribe and destitution. Stationary ample sum of mediocre-insucceed tribe possess been growing in twain India and China serving as a fuel to straightforward the resultal road of augmentation in e-commerce in brace emerging economies. Ascribable to the wideness of population these brace countries are now observed as giant consumer dispenseplaces. Stagnant, there are compact barriers to the augmentation of e-commerce such as interentoil infrastructure, stagnation of electronic acquittal edifice, stagnation of lawful and regulatory policies athwart pilfering. The synod of twain the countries has stepped ceward to balancesucceed these barriers and shpossess augmentation balance the late rare years which represents that e-commerce in China and India conciliate trial augmentation in coming.

I possess enslaved initiatives to examine-in-profundity what this e-commerce is total abquenched and what are the e-commerce design in kindred to enucleateing countries affect India and China. I thought-out the defys faced by Indian and Chinese e-commerce toil. I healed to made similitude of brace retired e-commerce gateway Alibaba and Flipkart which are ample e-commerce giants in their regardive countries.

I thought-out the lewd cultivation tome namely Segregateicularism-Collectivism (IDV), Might Removal (PDI), Hesitation Pretermission (UAI), and Masculinity-Femininity (MAS) to conceive the customer buying behaviour in India and China comparatively. My findings pomp that e-commerce toil insufficiencys to conceive the cultural dissimilaritys social in their province and bequeath their strategies acceptably to apprehend a ample dispense distribute in the management. I thought-out the dispenseing strategies of India and China. I analysed the dispenseing strategies of India and China fixed on lewd cultivation tome mentioned balancehead.

Regime has a telling role in the augmentation of e-commerce and consummate conducive right edifice ce e-commerce companies to swell by superveneing styptic policies such as consumer defence, retirement of grounds, defence athwart injury, subjective attribute coercioneseeing.

The retired e-commerce dispense of China and India are swiftly growing by targeting the untapped dispense affect sylvan population. In India multifarious slight-flake interestes are striveing to penetrate e-commerce to obey their customers. Flipkart conciliate quickly realize its slight competitors and enucleate economies of flake. Prime Minister Narinder Modi has publiced the management ce ceeign trodden cannonade (FDI) which conciliate boost opportunities ce e-commerce giants affect Alibaba to endue in India.

China is in its transition exhibition from manufacturing to global buyer. The clew ovation factors such as enjoy-added e-Market, stanch stigma result, happier provisionping trial and cheerful sales body has proved to be a ovation of Alibaba.


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