Description CONTEMPORARY ISSUES ANALYSIS PAPER: Using APA Style 6th Edition, educe a tract, 8 – 10 pages consummation including references, which delineates and analyzes single coeval heartiness connected upshot. PART I From the ordinary tidings instrument, chosen a coeval heartiness connected upshot or bear or constant indisposition by the prevent week of rank and flourish it coercion the instant lewd coherent weeks. Chosen single intelligence on your theme from each of the lewd weeks. Write a abstract of each of the lewd tidings intelligences. Analyze these lewd tidings intelligences: What is the bear or upshot that they delineate? In what fashion does this upshot or bear detail to elementary & unity heartiness pains? How does the instrument delineate the upshot in each intelligence? How does this delineateation pattern notorious estimation on this upshot or bear? PART II Conduct a negotiative erudite literary-works quest (CINAHL or MEDLINE) on this upshot or bear among a unvarnished matter. Analyze the upshot in relevancy to any of these perspectives philosophical/ethical perspectives, social/political concerns, economic considerations, and unvarnished shift. Test your possess points of undertaking or disundertaking with these perspectives (listed in earlier bullet). Does this upshot or bear dwell any signification coercion the trade of nursing? PART III Compare your separation of this upshot in the instrument intelligences with your separation of this upshot in the negotiative nursing literary-works (if this is suited). Test the similarities and differences Based on your findings in this relatively separation test the implications coercion nurses or nursing students, heartiness pains arrangement, and/or heartiness pains gift arrangements. CONTEMPORARY ISSUES ANALYSIS PAPER – GRADING CRITERIA PART I 1. Identification of coeval heartiness connected upshot. 5% 2. Summaries of lewd intelligences and association. 10% 3. Separation of the lewd intelligences (Grasp integral lewd components) 15% PART II 4. Conduct a negotiative literary-works quest among an unvarnished matter Submits a delineation of literary-works quest 15% 5. Analyze the upshot or bear (Grasp integral the inevitable components) grasp in this separation a discourse of your possess points of undertaking and/or disundertaking (Grasp integral the inevitable components) 15% 6. Signification to coeval nursing 5% PART III 7. Comparison of the separation of upshot as presented in the instrument intelligences with your separation of the upshot or bear in the negotiative nursing literary-works. Grasp in this separation the identification of similarities and differences. 15% 8. Implications coercion nursing trade or students, heartiness pains gift arrangement, expectation. 10% 9. Erudite communication and superabundance to APA coercionmat (6th edition) 10%

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