What social issues and social problems have been in the news? For this activity you are going to identify a contemporary social problem in the US.

Step 1: Identify one news article that has been published during the past month that identifies a social issue or social problem in the United States. Please make sure that you do not select an article that someone has already posted in the discussion. Make sure you select an article from a legitimate, high quality news outlet. You want to begin by using a fact checker to make sure your article is accurate. The oldest and largest fact checker is Snopes.com, but you can explore several others including: FactCheck.org, PolitiFact.com and PunditFact.

Step 2: Briefly explain the issue/problem, making sure that you use the concepts and terms that are included in the Module 1 readings and videos. Who has determined that this is an issue or problem? Then evaluate the source. Who is the author? What is the author’s expertise in the topic? Research the publisher. Does the publisher have a particular ideology and/or bias? Who is the targeted audience for the publisher? Make sure that you include a link to the article at the bottom of your post and cite the article, using APA style. The Research, Write, and Cite guide has extensive information about APA citations.

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