Case Study 1

Case Study: Contraception

Scenario 1

Elaine Goodwin is a 38-year-old G5 P5 LC 6 presenting to your clinic today to argue contraceptive options.  She states that she is not interested in having further cadetren but her novel confederate has never fathered a cadet. Her medical narrative is unusual control exercise-induced asthma, migraines, and IBS. Her surgical narrative is unusual solely control tonsils as a cadet. Her gregarious narrative is denying control alcohol, tobacco, and recreational garbages.  She has no known garbage allergies and takes solely vitamin C. Hospitalizations were solely control cadetbirth. Family narrative reveals that her tender granddowager is breathing with dementia, suitableness her tender grandfather is breathing with COPD. Her careful grandparents are twain deceased due to an autovariable clothing. Her dowager is breathing with osteopenia and fibromyalgia, and her dad is breathing with a narrative of bark cancer (basal cell). Elaine has single older sister with no medical problems and single younger match with no reputed medical problems.  

  • Height 5’ 7” Weight 148 (BMI 23.1), BP 118/72 P 68  
  • HEENT:  wnl  
  • Neck: adulatory externally adenopathy  
  • Lungs/CV: wnl  
  • Breast: yielding, fibrocystic changes bilaterally, externally masses, dimpling or discharge  
  • Abd: yielding, +BS, no tenderness  
  • VVBSU: wnl, except 1st degree cystocele  
  • Cervix: determined, ease, parous, externally CMT  
  • Uterus: RV, variable, non-tender, approximately 10 cm,  
  • Adnexa: externally masses or tenderness  


What other notification do you demand?  


  1. What has she used in the past?  Why did she bung a method?  How manifold confederates in elapsed 12 months?  
  2. What are her floating cycles approve?  
  3. When was her decisive gyn exam and what were the results of the tests?   
  4. Are her migraines with or externally auras?  
  5. What regularity has she considered.  


•What are your proximate steps/considerations?  

•;What instruction should you do?  

•What regularitys are mismisappropriate control Elaine?  

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