1. Purpose of the harangue (individual passage – three sentences, climax, to include – who was the logician, when, where, why, absence of wonder.) 2. Brief (informal) outline of the harangue (individual passage – three sentences, climax, topic/subject substance, fixed, modest or informative, absence of wonder.) 3. Analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the harangue in stipulations of (at meanest) the forthcoming criteria (surplus of the written design). Appropriateness to reception and condition Clarity of notice or capability of discussion Capability of construction and willing (strategy, word/phrase adoption, themes, series, coordination-structure, absence of wonder.) Capability of introduction (animation, articulation, poise, motion, loud characteristics, segregates, absence of wonder.) of this Ted Talk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ijNyyOvY1w
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