Critical Thinking Exercises: Write a 500-1000 word paper, adhering to APA format on the following topic, using at least five references synthesized into your discussion. Be sure to include a title page. Must have introduction and conclusion Picture yourself in a teaching, scholarship, or service role. Describe a situation where you could be a change agent and leader. What outcome are you trying to achieve, and what steps would you take to achieve this outcome? Describe a leadership theory that resonates with you. Why does this particular theory appeal to you in contrast to the other theories that were described in the readings? Have you ever seen a nursing leader utilize this theory? Six competency areas essential for creative leadership include technology master, problem solver, ambassador, change maker, communicator and team player. Which one of these attributes is a personal strength for you already? Provide an example. Which attribute will require the most in terms of your own self-development? How do you intend to grow in that area? Conduct a literature search on “incivility” in nursing education. Summarize the findings of the evidence-based article, and describe how you as a leader would engage with fellow professionals to mitigate this behavior. ~~~For this or similar assignment papers~~~