FIN-500: Principles of Finance
Critical Thinking: Understanding Financial Assertions and Specie Flow

Complete the aftercited bearings:

Bearing 2-1: Preparing Financial Assertions
Bearing 2-2: Preparing the Assertion of Specie Flows
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Complete the bearings in a Word muniment.

Module 2 Critical Thinking Assignment

Understanding Financial Assertions and Specie Flow

Bearing 2-1: Preparing Financial Assertions

Notification adown is restraint Buraydah Manufacturing, Inc. restraint the year purposeed December 31, 20×1 negative where origin of year gum involved. Complete amounts in SAR original incorrectly normal.

Accumulated depreciation 2,817,000
Sales 5,826,000
Accounts receivable 233,000
Interest expense 237,000
Cost of amiables sold 2,672,000
Short promise notes payable 195,000
Proceeds taxes 366,600
Inventories 967,000
Niggardly stock 428,000
Dividends paid 120,000
Cash 986,500
Marketing, unconcealed and authoritative expenses 1,678,500
Covet promise something-due 5,844,000
Urban effects (possessions & equipment) 7,218,000
Accounts payable 395,000
Other effects 862,000
Depreciation expense 422,000
Retained rights at origin of year 419,600

Number of shares of niggardly stock 1,000

Using the notification above:
1. Adapt an proceeds assertion in amiable restraintm
2. Adapt purpose of year equalize fencing in amiable restraintm
3. Calculate inveigle afloat capital
4. Calculate the something-due ratio

Using an afurban post restraint each financial assertion:
5. Adapt a niggardly sized proceeds assertion
6. Adapt a niggardly sized equalize fencing

Bearing 2-2 Preparing Assertion of Specie Flows

Given the aftercited notification, adapt a assertion of specie flows.

Dividends 15
Increase in niggardly stock 22
Decrease in accounts receivable 24
Increase in inventories 35
Operating proceeds 80
Increase in accounts payable 25
Interest expense 25
Depreciation expense 12
Increase in covet promise something-due 48
Increase in urban effects 33
Proceeds taxes 17
Origin specie equalize 20
Assume complete amounts are in 000’s SAR.

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