Ordinance 4: Axioms Collection
Considering your clarified theme (Homeland Security), plan a undivided (1) page tract in which you:
Discuss what axioms you bear placid or inquiryed to evince there is a bearing.
Include at lowest brace (2) origins of axioms (charts, axioms, statistics, anticipation.)
Discuss how each axioms origin is appropriate to the bearing.
Use at lowest brace (2) virtue allusions. 
Note: Wikipedia and other Websites do referable restrict as academic media.

Your ordinance must ensue these formatting requirements:
Include a screen page containing the denomination of the ordinance, the student’s call, the professor’s call, the passage denomination, and the continuance. 
The screen page and the allusion page are referable intervening in the required ordinance page diffusiveness.

The particular passage tuition outcomes associated with this ordinance are:
Consider personnel and stakeholders and how they bias conclusion making.
Use technology and advice media to inquiry issues in wrong uprightness.
Write lucidly and concisely about wrong uprightness using fit fitness mechanics.

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