Please interpretation charity to supplement details restraint Costas trade and shameful powerpoint impromptu the details ground in the charity beneath.

Scenario Information

Your action administrator has tasked you with creating a cross-platform digital tradeing contrivance that the Costa’s Customs can instrument. You feel been asked to digest your attainments of digital tradeing and reason of Costa’s drapery trade in a slide endowment restraint the magistrate team which encloses five other directors and the CEO. You were reminded to enclose details of how each digital tradeing way procure unconditionally impression the corporation’s goals of amplifying sales and increasing mark awareness.


You feel been asked to compose a PowerPoint slide endowment to be presented to the magistrate team that touches on complete digital tradeing ways from modules 02, 03, and 04 that you previously analyzed. These choices procure need to be attended and justified by twain your reason of the impression digital tradeing should feel and the results from your facts disexception in module 06. You procure besides need to actively supply quenched a digital tradeing contrivance that you knowing how to compose in module 05.

Although you won’t in-effect be presenting, you should enclose minute notes in the notes exception restraint each slide that could forward as a likeness. Remember your auditory when creating your endowment and enclose the subjoined slides:

  • Title slide
  • Supply a further minute and in-depth place disexception than merely copying what is in the corporation setting muniment.
    • List and designate Costa’s customer personas.
    • Discuss corporation’s oncontinuity competitors.
    • Explain the strengths and weaknesses of the corporation’s position.
    • Talk abquenched uncertain collaborations the corporation can promise in to amplify its trade.
    • Describe the trade latitude Costa’s operates in.
  • Demonstrate the role digital tradeing should feel on twain sales and mark outgrowth. (module 01)
  • Provide examples of how the corporation can establish their mark via digital channels and help your recommendations with your rationale.
  • Give examples of digital strategies interpretationd to dispose-of Costa’s practice continuity of drapery oncontinuity and help your recommendations with your rationale.
  • Compose a misrecord slide that encloses a epitome of why your digital tradeing contrivance should be instrumented by the magistrate team and how it procure be measured to fix it is prosperous.
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