School of Business and Tourism
Ace Computer Networks
Ace rule CSC81001
Provision 2 Netcomposition Management and Design
Mode Individual provision
Ascribable Time 23 Sep 2019 12:00 AM
Outcomes LO3, LO4, LO5
Attributes GA1, GA4
Weight 25% of balancetotal ace rate
Suggestion This provision is cropal and cumulative. You are strongly advised
to set-on-foot doing this provision from Week-7 in your examine. Leaving your
starting time to the week precedently the ascribable time is a very moneyless diplomacy control
success in the ace. Follow the supposing impressioning guidelines to aid you
successfully straightforward your efforts.
Drudgery Description
Drudgery 1: Protocol similitude (5%)
In this drudgery, you parallel and opposition RIP and OSPF in the controlthcoming sharp-ends:
 Routing approach
 Protocol structure
 Performance
 Advantages and disadvantages
 Application
The term reckon is word betwixt 500 – 1000 terms. Total regard sources should be listed
using IEEE attributeencing createat. Straightforward representation and paste conciliate paced attributeablehing (0).
Drudgery 2: Netcomposition erection separation and redesign (15%)
In this drudgery you conciliate analyse the erection of the netcomposition dedicated in Fig.2.1
and transcribe an separation (500-100 terms) about the implicit problems of the dedicated network.
Domiciled on your separation, redesign the netcomposition so that it can balancecome the verified issues.
You to-boot insufficiency to redesign the IP harangueing sketch control the netcomposition to tally with new
netcomposition erection. Currently, the netcomposition uses IP harangue rove. The
reckon of PCs in each netcomposition is dedicated as follow:
 Structure A: 10 PCs,
 Structure B: 20 PCs,
 Structure C: 50 PCs and
CSC81001 – Computer Networks Provision-1, 2019
 Structure D: 20 PCs
The urbane netcomposition spreads balance 4 structure and IP network. The reckon of PCs
Fig 2.1 – The Network.
Drudgery 3: Netcomposition pretence (5%)
In this drudgery you conciliate pretobject the netcomposition you accept redesigned in eNSP and demonstrate
the started pretence to your instructor in the Week-12 compositionshop.
Marking Guide
Drudgery 1: Protocol similitude (5%)
 Each dot sharp-object is estimate 1 impression. Answers which are peccable assent-to 0.5 impression.
 Pain:
o No regard: half of the achieved impression
o Representation and paste: attributeablehing impression
Drudgery 2: Netcomposition erection separation and redesign (15 %)
 Redressly analyse and confirm the implicit issues of the dedicated netcomposition ascribable to the
current erection: 5 impressions.
 Redressly redesign the netcomposition and muniment the solution: 5 impressions
 Redressly redesign the IP harangue sketch and muniment the solution: 5 impressions
 Pain:
CSC81001 – Computer Networks Provision-1, 2019
o Representation and paste: attributeablehing impression
o Peccable attributeablewithstanding redress answer: favoring impression is awarded domiciled on the plane
of parity
Drudgery 3: Netcomposition pretence (5%)
 A started pretence: 5% – i.e. total devices are configured and the netcomposition is fully
functioning. Favoring impression is awarded domiciled on the plane of parity of the
pretence attributeablewithstanding attributeable balance 2.5%.
 Pain:
o Representation and paste: attributeablehing impression
Aggregate impression
 The aggregate impression conciliate be paced domiciled on SCU pace method (HD, D, C, P and F).
Patience Createat
You are required to propose the provision muniment in the PDF createat. The smooth conciliate be
named using the controlthcoming convention:
filename = FirstInitialYourLastName-CSC81001-A1.pdf
(i.e. VBui-CSC81001-A1.pdf)
Original composition
It is a University limitation that a scholar’s composition complies with the Academic Method,
Chapter 4.20 on Scholar Academic Probity. It is a scholar’s commission to be familiar
with the Method.
Failure to surrender with the Method can accept keen consequences in the create of University
sanctions. Control knowledge on this Method content attribute to Chapter 4.20 on Scholar Academic
Probity at the controlthcoming website:
As divorce of a University example to prop the crop of academic probity,
assessments may be checked control plagiarism, including through an electronic method, either
internally or by a plagiarism checking use, and be held control advenient checking and
matching purposes.
Restrain facsimile representation
Precedently proposeting the provision, you are advised to restrain electronic copies of original
work. In the adventure of any irregularity respecting the patience of rate individuals, you
may be supplicateed to represent a developed representation.
CSC81001 – Computer Networks Provision-1, 2019
School Production Method
In public, I conciliate NOT bestow production intrinsic where there are uncommon situation.
Students wanting an production must shape a supplicate at smallest 24 hours precedently the rate
individual is ascribable and the supplicate must be assent-tod in fitness by the ace partner or designated
academic. Productions among 24 hours of patience or controlthcoming the patience deadline
conciliate attributeable be supposing (intrinsic proped by a doctor’s certificate or where there are uncommon
situation – this conciliate be at ace partner’s deliberation and conciliate be considered on a instance
by instance premise). Productions conciliate be control a zenith of 48 hours (longer productions proped
by a doctor’s certificate or identical to be considered on a instance by instance premise).
A pain of 5% of the aggregate beneficial pace conciliate enlarge control each 24-hour time that an
rate individual is proposeted past. Therefore, an rate individual estimate 20 impressions conciliate accept
1 impressions deducted control total 24-hour time and at the object of 20 days conciliate assent-to 0 impressions.
Students who trip to propose controlthcoming the guidelines in this Ace Knowledge Guide conciliate be
deemed to accept attributeable proposeted the rate individual and the aloft pain conciliate be applied
until the specific patience guidelines are followed.
Marks and Feedback
Total rate materials proposeted during the semester conciliate normally be impressioned and
returned among span weeks of the required time of patience (supposing that the rate
materials accept been proposeted by the ascribable time).
Marks conciliate be made beneficial to each scholar via the MySCU Pace body.

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