Multiple Dimensions worksheet

In this provision, you obtain meditate how special individuality contributes to cultural difference. Take a gravity to think on your special individuality and the aspects of cultural difference you delineate. Keep in recollection that individuality is more than what persons ‘see’ when they face at you.
Write a 350- to 525-word thinkion on the following:

Using what you literary in this week’s balbutiation provision, represent what cultural difference media to you. In your term, be indisputable to comprise identifiers of cultural difference such as pursuit, adjust, gender, sexuality, and unfitness. (Remember there are a miscellany of characteristics of and contributors to cultural difference.)
List impure cultural identifiers that you test with most (e.g., Asian American, womanly, absence of wonder.).
Think on your verified cultural traits. Based on your thinkion, how strength mind your avow traits desire your perspective of cultural difference in and without of the workplace?

Submit your provision.

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