Cyber Safety and Database Security discussion

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article.docx In the above article, “Google search test shows no progress in cyber safety: a year after breaches exposed, UKFast director reveals that unsecure databases still likely to pose biggest cyber threat to SME security,” database security is revealed as the most fundamental part of creating a database, and it is vital to protecting a company’s information assets from unauthorized access. In fact, SQL injections have surpassed almost all other security vulnerabilities in 2013. Although security policies are often implemented to protect data, information security remains every employee’s responsibility. Data in the wrong hands can have a major negative impact on a business, and security of the data ultimately falls on the creator of the database. Discuss the concept of database security as it relates to the Bible. What mandates does God give us with respect to protection of property? What real world examples support these biblical truths? Support your assertions with at least 4 citations in current APA format. Original and must be 250 words minimum.