In Units 4–5, you exposed a collocation and contendd the causes of degradation from couple incongruous perspectives. This contend graphic how counterarguments are exposed and how rebuttals are formulated naturalized on attached findings in learning. This format helps us to dive deeper into delicate thinking environing abstruse issues.
In this argument, think the Elements and Standards of Delicate Thinking Model and mirror on the contend experience:

To what distance did the multiple perspectives of other learners veer your thinking environing the causes of degradation?
How serviceable do you price you were in communicating your collocation using arguments and averment from the lore? What peculiarally happened in the contend to mould you price this?
What peculiar areas of delicate thinking possess you improved upon? Which areas peaceful need effort?

Note: In Units 4 and 5, others challenged your thinking through the contend format. In the weeks to after, you get be challenging  your acknowledge thinking by fitness a essay in which you search counterarguments to a collocation enslaved on a theme of your excellent.

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