During your weekly convocation, the Master of Accounting has shared with you the topics discussed at a modern Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) convocation. Of point share was the agenda item environing how some companies keep gotten in regulatory disturbance with the SEC aggravate their fruits and cost avowal practices. While you twain are assured that there are no issues of to this at your concourse, you twain resolute that you wanted to glean further environing these cases.
The Master of Accounting wants you to exploration couple such cases and transcribe a resume noise to introduce at the direct Accounting Department convocation. The master considers that knowledge what has happened to other companies in this area of accounting can succor anticipate issues in your concourse.
The Master provides you with the SEC website that they keep used in the late to do season searches:
You are asked to selecteded couple modern SEC actions athwart companies (referable people) that detail to fruits and cost avowal and Prepare a Word instrument that:

summarizes reasons restraint the SEC actions.
identifies the SEC issues detaild to accounting postulates and/or operations and the healing actions assigned and/or penalties abandoned to the concourse.
critiques the healing actions/penalties.
Gives an impression as to whether you consider they allure be potent in anticipateing advenient violations by the concourse.

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