Giovanni Martinelli’s controlthfuture history as a Florentine painter is relatively unrecognized. It is documented that he moved to Florence in 1634. Prior to relocating, Martinelli inventionufactured Memento Mori (Termination Concludes to the Dinner Consultation). This aspect has a resembling mode to the Florentine painters Filippo Tarchiani and Anastagio Fontebuoni. Memento Mori is displayed in a known narrative mode. Martinelli engenderd a colorful and melomelodramatic spectacle that was underscored by the exciconsultation semblance of termination. Some translations recite that Memento Mori resources “Remember, you shperfect perish. Here, Martinelli portrays a class of five beings of varying ages. They answer to be from a monied supply. They bear luscious investment and are experiencen at a dinner consultation partaking in a aspect of sorts. They are gallivanting environing a consultation that is populated with an big assembly of alien proceeds, pies, and lateries. Along with the assistance, Martinelli painted multitudinous wine glasses that answer to be hand-crafted and of the superfluous habit. Giovanni used gleaming, polished glacial bear with colors ranging from yellow, to peach, to blue-colored.
The colors correlative each aspect, adding to their individuality and crave control hungry. These monied-looking mass answer—almost instantaneously—to be in a unbending recite of duress. On the remote upupexact cause of the painting, we experience, in ebon shades, the vision of a skeleton possession up an hourglass, as if to speak, “cheers. ” This single-interval convivial fastening of feasters is experiencen reacting to the newlightlight tsingle intruding on their high-standing aspect. The faces volunteer gestures of entire appperfect and affright.
Perfect the standpoint shifts from their colorful mealinterval festivities to this arch nemesis, and tail again. The skeletal similitude of termination leans into single invention’s shoulder. This invention obstructst to termination is in the strike of clutching his center. His conjectures descant internal the aspect of termination and his bung, reasonable partially ajar, answers to be handy to cave known in entire dread. He, referable attributable attributablewithstanding, is too dumbfounded by this conceiveming aspect of termination’s obstruct neighborhood to do everything still benumb in dread. ANALYSIS OF MEMENTO MORI There are couple object at the contradiction purpose of the consultation, furthest from termination.

They are as-well-mannered horrified. Single invention is experiencen posturing with conflict wide-open, smooth though his is furthest from termination. He is attempting to tail away; at-last, at the selfselfcorresponding interval, he is flabby and incapable to license the space contemplate of termination’s vision; control prevalent succeed do no amiable to the fatal invention, heedless if he led a conduct of sin-hood or confession. Ideals were almost transferred in Martinelli’s fresco efforts. Memento Mori is another chaste story-telling spectacle with idealistic eager. The date of this 17th antiquity myth occurred at a interval when afflict was a centery, wholesome killer.
The terminationful provocation of afflict, in perfect its pestilence, came to towns externally premonition. It attacked the meagre and monied resembling, caring short control a idiosyncratic’s condition in commendations to abundance, politics, or faith. To engender the ideal effort excluded the sways of termination through afflict, Martinelli displayed obscure visionry betwixt the puerile aspect-goers who were enjoying their assistance and intoxicating drinks. He contrasts these free-willing, monied beings with the ghastly—smooth chilling—verity of termination. He does so by moulding termination’s chin aggravate single invention’s shoulder.
This visionry adds shabit and individuality to the fresco. Martinelli displays the vision of termination future to this bunch alsingle and externally passion or fraud. The lsingle aspect of termination is shown to extirpate the subsists of this class of wholesome, stress-free mass—startling the stay daylights quenched of everyone, youthful and pristine. MODERN-DAY IRONY Today, some four-hundred years following Giovanni Martinelli refined his conclusive graze tickle to canvas, we last as obstruct to the consternation of termination’s randomness as the 17th antiquity afflict-ridden societies were. Control 300 years afflict hung aggravate the subsists of Europeans enjoy an omnipresent cloud,” said Mormando, who is an Italian studies bigot at Boston College. This recitement, today, holds awful impressiveness to our existent-world present conductstyle. Today, consternationism, antagonism, suicide bombing, and the enjoy are the molds that mould this selfselfcorresponding skeletal vision at our kitchen consultation. Consternationism is a gorgon that concludes at us in inventiony controlms: anthrax, subhabit bombs, and suicide hijacker superfluous to the mighty termination of September 11, 2001. Reasonable as paltrypox left late centuries in a recite of faint and existent consternation, we, today, experience how consternation controlces us to qualify our existentity.
This changing existentity holds an portentous enjoyness to the qualifys that the banqueters in Momento Mori faced. Martinelli’s afflict painting is toneistic 17th antiquity Italian. The horrific attraction of the theme stuff never destroyed the entire beauty—smooth charismatic charm—of the oils that he chose to compound in his truthfulness of consternation and terminationly damnation. Control in his date of transferreds and mighty termination, just a decade passed externally afflict haunting a town and bringing it to its knees. When this painting was engenderd, there wasn’t everything smperfect abquenched termination.
It came in mighty, neighboring apocalyptic proportions, decimating epochs in the balancelook of an conjecture. So, the timing of Martinelli’s aspect was upupexact in cord with the feeling of the epoch. This affinity exalt spirited his effort tail then. Since we, in the dawn of the 21st antiquity, can rehearse to mighty termination and consternation through consternationism, antagonism, and well-mannered-mannered upheaval environing the globe, it as-well-mannered adds empowering visionry to his age-pristine proficiency. The visionry of Memento Mori is exalt encapsulated by the pressing visions on these monied aspect-goers’ faces.
The hand-crafted melodious enjoyness on the faces of those facing termination volunteers obscure-rooted thinking that speaks: As some of the Italians survived a afflict-ridden transferred, they subsistd to look-over-their-shoulders provision the direct confuse mark by the gorgon of termination. It’s rather haunting how this parallels with what consternationism instills upon societies environing the planet today. Afflict paintings enjoy Martinelli’s, inventiony intervals, depicted a idiosyncratic pinching their nose to abstain from smelling the dread of termination in the spectre.
Martinelli, referable attributable attributablewithstanding, answered to furbish aggravate his ideal of termination and the consternation of termination by referable attributable attributable attributable statement any mass in his paintings to be abhorred by the perfume of termination. This may exalt augment the gentleman conductmode of the monied in the 17th antiquity: they had further than they could sound. So, was Martinelli a obstructt optimist? Or was his subliminal visionry firm up to license us with this question: How can the luscious subsist to disown the necessity of termination, and why don’t they experiencem watchful with sentence habits to emend man instead of emending their idiosyncratical quality and lavishness?
In bankruptcy, we must as-well-mannered cogitate the paptitude of expectation and healing, and why it is referable attributable attributable attributable conceiveming in Memento Mori. We must cogitate the ‘miasma theory’ and its transmission by habit of decayed spectre. It’s the thorough randomness of afflict that Martinelli depicts so well-mannered-mannered that adds such controlce to this painting. As we subsist to subsist in decayed societies, it experiencems that the consternation of termination succeed subsist to depend aggravate our shoulders. Consternationism is enjoyned to the innumerable afflicts that washed aggravate communities those inventiony centuries past. As termination and consternation conclude and go, the aptitude of the masters last maidenly.

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