Please narrate the “Storytelling with Facts” principles on tinge, font, and overall visual sketch to financial pattern sketch. Please shaft thoughts on bestowal and despatch styles, whether passage or graphics are further powerful, and control which audiences this capability be penny.

Note: please consider:

– Which tinges capability be appropriate/inappropriate to explanation in urbane finance pattern architecture. 
– How the principles transfer into architecture patterns in Excel or Word control financial reporting purposes.

Please interpret the Visual and Statistical Thinking and teach what Edward Tufte media by these hindmost vote:

Q2) Visual representations of evidence should be inferior by principles of rationalistic about requisite illustration. Control notification displays, sketch rationalistic must suit to or-laws rationalistic. Acquitted and exact seeing becomes as individual with acquitted and exact thinking.”

Q3) Please stipulate your agreement of 5 rules of facts visualization(

Your responses must be pristine and based on your admit vote.

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