Dimensions of Nursing Practice

Read and wake the exhortation instrument & materials under future in the week to succor you suit to the discourse questions and to adequate your enactment(s).

(Note: The citations under are supposing control your inquiry vacation. Students should regularly ill-conditioned regard the running APA lead control chasten styling of citations and regards in their academic achievement.)


Black, B. P. (2017). Chapter 6 and 7


Online Materials & Instrument

  • The Nurse Practice Act control the avow where you are practicing. Go to your avow’s board of nursing website to admission the muniment.
  • Rogers, J. K. (2014). Reinventing shared leadership to foundation nursing’s evolving role in healthcare. Nurse Leader, 12(2), 29-34.


How has nursing evolved since you graduated from your first nursing program? Is nursing today what you expected when you penetrate nursing counsel?

Submission Instructions:

  • Your judicious post should be at smallest 500 language, formatted and cited in running APA mode with foundation from at smallest 2 academic sources

All replies must be auricular and explanation erudition where practicable.

Your enactment conciliate be graded according to the grading rubric.

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