Part B (30%)
Part B arranges 30% of ordinance marks.
Since this is your third year of undergraduate plainion in Deakin University. It is extremely recommended to collect to convoy a actual raze of discovery effect and criticize a theme coercion a scheme. This is costly as you can truth the method when you do your latest year’s scheme instant year.
In Part B, we obtain arrange three discovery questions encircling the Intrusion Detection Arrangement (IDS), Firewall and Honeypot you want to dare and response the controlthcoming questions with right lore citations:
1. Discovery Question 1 (15%):
Can an integrated arrangement with IDS, IPS, Firewall & Honeypot unitedly to ameliorate the real-time arrangement defence?
Sift-canvass how and arrange single real-world pattern (e.g., in the treatment of keen city) with neteffect topology and image the bearing tools/techniques in truth. Minimum 5 references are required. (State your avow interpretation succeeding you bear dsingle some discovery effects, cannot truth the plain passage, no past than 600 utterance)
2. Discovery Question 2 (10%):
Describe the IDS and Honeypot fruit fact domiciled on the timeline (e.g., in a chronological enjoin in year)? Minimum 5 references are required. (no past than 400 utterance)
3. Discovery Question 3 (5%):
Sift-canvass the deep differences (minimum 3) between the firewall and IDS?
Using the diagram to image the components coercion the types of IDS vs firewall. Truth
two or three sentences to sift-canvass the differences domiciled on your interpretation? (no past than 300 utterance)
Note: All materials from sources must be rightly referenced. It is certain to comment and condense sources, statistics, diagrams, images, trial results and laboratory axioms – anything enthralled from sources. When misconvoy is detected, the amercement is very precise. The University’s management on plagiarism can be viewed, online, at

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