Write at least a five-sentence paragraph for each question listed below (unless noted otherwise). The journals will be graded on depth of analysis, accuracy of historical knowledge, and writing clarity. Note: All paraphrases and summaries of specific arguments and specific information (such as statistics) from the class materials must be cited in your journal, along with all quotations. You may use the MLA citation style for the journal, given the technical difficulties of using Chicago Style in this format. MLA Example: (Smith, 72) Journal Questions: What are the main themes of this module’s material? (You may list these.) What are the most significant continuities and changes you have seen in this period? How did the major points of evolution come about? What was the most surprising thing you learned in this module of the course? Create a thesis (argument) for this module’s material. (1-3 sentences) Discuss how this module’s featured primary source can be used to prove an element (or elements) of the narrative discussed this module. Sources to be used: https://www.mtholyoke.edu/acad/intrel/removal.htm Milkis: 104-164 https://youtu.be/yrZUIBIh61k ~~~For this or similar assignment papers~~~