MA3010 – Statistics ce Health Professions SU20 B – Section D01


 MA3010 – Statistics ce Health Professions

Argument 09.1: Apposition and Regression 

Ce this argument ceum, advert to the Excel refine Argument 9-1 Columnulates Set that contains knowledge on the following:

1.Identify the worksheet (tab) that matches the pristine epistle of your LAST spectry (i.e., if your developed spectry were “Fudd” you would explanation the columnulates from the “F” tab). This get be the fount columnulates you get explanation to counterpart your fostering questions ce this moderate column.

2.From your fount columnulates: What is the straight apposition coefficient?

3.Using the straight apposition coefficient earned in step 2 and at a roll of sagacity of 0.05, is there enough attraction to maintenance the right of straight apposition between the span variables? Explain. (Hint: In the Excel refine you explanationd to earn the fount columnulates, there is a worksheet/tab spectryd Critical Values. You get scarcity to explanation it to maintenance your right on this part of the argument).

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