Assessment Lesson Due Date % SILOs Assessed
Assessment Lesson 1
Individual Assignment (2,500 signification) Week 10 40% 2,3
Submission Details
UseTurnitin on LMS
Grading Criteria and Feedback
See rubric adown. Grades posted on LMS with feedback and comments
Description of Lesson
You ore to furnish a event ment as a exact thought on o guild of your select registered on the ASX and positioned between the 200-300 plane by bargain capitalisation. This instrument the guild is in the ASX 300, except not attributable attributable attributable in the ASX 200. Many ore emerging companies and seeking enlargement. A register of the companies is beneficial on the LMS.
The ment can be inveterate on desk examination, resultant examination, and chief examination (i.e. ethnographic and contemplation singly). Your primary lesson is to furnish a exact revisal of your clarified guild its bargaining strategies. Your exact revisal is inveterate on synthesizing readings from bearing databases, perseverance and council ments, websites and newspaper subscription. Your relieve lesson is to analyse consumer insights about this mark and requires you to append contemplational findings.

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