The scenario: Suppose a locality presents itself in which there are potent reasons to admire a greater onslaught on U.S. tarnish is internal and that divers lives conquer be deposit in peril. Shelter forces accept enslaved a terrorist and they accept very amiable reasons to admire he has material referableice that can control to thwarting this onslaught. They accept mellow the habitual media of obtaining referableice from the captive and nundivided of them accept been successful; his illustrate referable to confabulation is altogether potent. However, shelter forces are now regarding torturing the captive. They admire, with a haughty limit of presumption, that racking conquer violate his illustrate and he conquer provide the needed referableice.

The topic: Should they racking the captive?

Your continuity (at smallest 350 utterance) must remain of 2 parts:

From your brains of Holmes™ discussions, illustrate how each undivided of the forthcoming theories energy tally the topic of racking feeling in the scenario: utilitarianism, Kantian duty-fixed ethics, purity ethics, and Christian-principle fixed ethics.

Select the supposition you judge is penny in the treatment of the racking outcome, and illustrate why.

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