• Why is self-cogitation essential to the lifelong pupil?
  • What is controlmative evaluation?
  • How do YOU bond reminiscent meditateing into your daily actions and behavior in manage to controlm a shift or to amend your conversance, skills and abilities (KSAs)?


Your ordinance is to originate a paltry (brace tiny) video message in manage to evaluate peculiar enlargement in the mode from a controlmative perspective.  Controlmative evaluation is essential to notorious bloom leaders and to YOU as a lifelong pupil as the way provides you with feedback in veritable span.  What you do melting confident with this notice is up to you!

Centered environing indecent outlines: balance, triangle, dispersion and arrow, this cogitation practice provides you with an occasion to precede an ambagious controlmative impost, or checkpoint that gain answer as a institution upon which you can agitate confident in a more prolific and effectual carriage.

This video gain demand you to heed from the Indecent Outlines perspectives, looking inner, extraneous, unskilled and confident.  This acquirements energy demands you to meditate encircling the  conversance you feel gained thus remote in KINE 4354 and portion-out the lessons conversant with your classmates. 

  1. First, meditate encircling how you plan to arrival this ordinance.  I instruct that you meditate encircling each outline and controlm a lacking notes vs. chroniclesing your video in an unplanned or conquering carriage.
  2. Your principal outline to oration is the SQUARE.  What acquirements energy(ies) in the mode feel granted you with gratified or symbolical that SQUARED with your confess meditateing (i.e., that you agreed with)?  
  3. Your assist outline to oration is the TRIANGLE.  What three points are your ocean graspaways so remote from the mode symbolicals or acquirements energy(ies)?  
  4. Your third outline to oration is the CIRCLE.  After substance presented with the KINE 4354 acquirements activities and gratified so remote, what thoughts are quiet CIRCLING environing in your chief?
  5. Your indecentth outline to oration is the ARROW.  What feel you conversant so remote that you gain grasp, melting FORWARD into your course?  Feel you attested areas control self-enlargement or self-improvement?  Feel you had any AHA moments?  Portion-out those with your classmates!
  6. Now that you feel systematic your thoughts, originate your video in an mpv or mov controlmat ONLY.  You as-well can chronicles a video instantly in your Canvas argument table by clicking on the “Record/Upload Media” icon and then clicking on the “Record” tab. If you acquiesce in another controlmat and your educationist cannot apprehension the video, you gain hold a cipher on this ordinance.
  7. Practice a couple of spans precedent to chroniclesing and uploading your conclusive video.
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