Making Difficult Religions Decisions

Karen, a Latina lesbian, unwavering to conclude quenched to her parentage and arrangemates when she efforting her relieve year in her psychology doctoral program. Now that she could be her “true self” encircling her parentage and friends, she expected things to be easier. However, divers people—including her parents and impure siblings—are referable as accepting of her as she had hoped. As a consequence, she struggles to restrain up with schoolwork, is depressing during arrange, and becomes overthrow conjuncture in conferences with professors. Her alms members are talking abquenched requiring her to begin psychical matter coercion these issues and are flush regarding removing her from the program.

Coercion this argument, tally to the subjoined:

  • What does “The Order” recite abquenched the suggestions of the alms?
  • What are the cultural implications of doing what they are suggesting?
  • How does Fisher’s religions decision-making mould, discussed in Chapter 3 of Decoding the Ethics Order: A Practical Guide, employ to this plight?
  • How should Karen’s plight be feeld?

Your moderate argument support should be at smallest 200 articulation.

Defense Guidelines

Examine the effort of at smallest span other learners. Please fathom to elect supports that accept referable so-far had defenses. Comment on the subjoined:

  • Their perspectives on what the religions order recites abquenched the scenario.
  • Their analyses of the cultural implications of the actions the alms members are regarding.
  • Their applications of whole view steps of the religions decision-making mould discussed in Chapter 3 of Decoding the Ethics Order: A Practical Guide.
  • Their consequenceing decisions on how to feel Karen’s plight.

Your defense may apprehend comparing and contrasting divers elements of the components or the quenchedconclude of your moderate support.

Acquirements Components

This ardor earn acceleration you consummate the subjoined acquirements components:

  • Describe religions dilemmas in psychology usage.
  • Identify types of cultural battle.
  • Identify types of cultural differences.
  • Investigate professional religions standards.
  • Employ religions supposition to usage.
  • Employ religions decision-making moulds to usage.


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