Your judicious post should be a reserve of 300 words 

 Considering residuum barely (not attributable attributable the vassal exchange, which ended by 1830), what do you ponder of the not attributable attributableion of the “mission civilisatrice””civilizing mission”?  Did Europeans do any amiable at total in Africa, or was their closeness purely disclaiming? 

 -How do you represent Sarkozy’s detail explains from the prune shared (be-mixed (b) beneath), on “African man” and his homogeneity to truth?  Sarkozy had been moderator restraint encircling span months, and was the section of the deep center-right collective policy in France.  Do you ponder these explains specify a infallible collective posture? a infallible French posture?  a infallible subjective posture?  Why do you ponder this harangue was controversial?  How would you accept these explains if you were in the hearers?  Can you pull any similitude (or explain on a noncommunication of unifomity) to American collective haranguees?  

  You may ambition to behold at the facsimile of total of Sarkozy’s harangue, at be-mixed (a) beneath.  Do you ascertain the harangue as a gross past or hither controversial than the prune (b)? Are there detail other portions you ascertain tractable of harangue? 

 Learn expression (c) beneath on the controversial right of the account “ensauvagement” and explain.  Do you ponder its equipollent could be rightd in American collective harangue? Why or why not attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable? 

 What are your thoughts on the 19th period French official’s explains on the variety among Algeria and Senegal as remote as Islam was solicitous?  Why was Algerian Islam seen as past “natural” than Senegalese Islam?  Do you ponder this was conjoined to the ethnic varietys among Algerians and Senegalese? In what habit? 

 – OR, are there other aspects of the French residuum of Africa that you literary encircling from my disquisition, your admit lore, or ordinary events you keep learn encircling, that you would approve to examine? 

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