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When developing a happy fealty/reward program companies must secure that “the program supports and is harmonious with the stigma’s estimate declaration; the program adds estimate to the effect or service; Lifetime customer estimate is tall” (Winer &Dhar, 2016, p. 429). Yi and Jeon suit that “the program should be perceived as estimable by the customers,” (2003, p.231). They go on to insinuate five variables that conduce to perceived estimate: currency estimate, fulfilment rare, aimal estimate, affinity, and persuade (2003, p.231).

It is sensational to collate single of the rewards programs I join-in in, Barnes and Noble, abutting the aloft factors. Barnes and Noble has a rewards program that targets common bulk readers and unpremeditateders them discounts on their donation coercion a year. This program is harmonious with the stigma’s estimate declaration and due to the “perks,” $60 dollars in benefit coupons, 40% unpremeditated of inventory require coercion hardcover best sellers and 10% unpremeditated of approximately everything else I would consort a tall estimate to it. However, when collated to the standards controlmal coercionth by Yi and Jeon there are some opportunities coercion progress. It require the customer $25 dollars a year to join-in in Barnes and Nobles program. Therefore, this is best directed at customers making a comprehensive donation who gain presently look their produce on cannonade. I prize that the B&N rewards programs unpremeditateders discounts on best sellers and there are no local exempted items or titles. I am a common reader so the estimate is surely applicable coercion me. The variables in which B&N could amend would grasp creating a sentiment of aim estimate, and unoccupied-time. While it is manageable to correction the card or my phsingle reckon in-store, there is a failure of unoccupied-time with online donations and e-books are not attributable attributable attributable serviceable coercion my vulgar reader so if I failure bigwig presently I usually donation from Amazon.



Winer, R.S., & Dhar, R. (2016). Marketing Management. 4th Edition. Pearson Learning Solutions, 10/2016. VitalBulk perfect.

Yi, Y., & Jeon, H. (2003). Effects of fealty programs on estimate sight, program fealty, and stigma fealty. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 31(3), 229. Retrieved from

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