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Dissertation Writing Service Chapters Help – Outline – Format

A dissertation is a formal academic document that is prepared by doctoral students as part of the requirements of graduating with a PhD. This document is usually quite lengthy as it is written after a student has conducted a rigorous investigation on a given problem of study. In order to make this document coherent the information contained in it is divided into a number of chapters. The key dissertation chapters are: the introduction, a chapter dealing with literature review, methods or methodology chapter, results of the study, discussion of the findings, conclusion and recommendation.

1. The Introduction Chapter
This chapter sets the context of your study. In other words, there are key details that you must be sure to include in the introduction chapter. They include: background, problem statement, research questions, objectives, purpose, delimitations and limitations of the study as well as definition of the key terms. You might be glad to hear that our writers perfectly understand how to write the various chapters of a dissertation. This is therefore an assurance that we shall not disappoint you whenever you order for our help. Perhaps one of key sections that most students find hard to write is the problem statement. In this section you are expected to clearly describe the issue you are studying and contextualize it in terms of the scope of your study. Our dissertation introduction chapter writers can help you in stating the problem of your study.
2. Literature Review
Literature review is normally the second chapter of a dissertation. In this chapter you are expected to provide the context of your study. Moreover, you are supposed to expose the research gap that you intend to fill by conducting the given study. The information included in this chapter should be relevant in the sense that it should be related to the research questions, hypothesis and problem of the study. The goal of this chapter is to link your study to the existing body of relevant literature. If you are finding working on your literature review to be an uphill task, then you should be sure to order for our dissertation literature  review chapter dissertation writing service. Our team of experts will be more than willing to help you work on the literature review chapter of your dissertation. It is worth to note that this chapter should be logically organized. This means that you should include various subtopics according to your objectives, various variables in your study or even the various themes from your study. Those experts who understand how to write dissertation chapters can attest to the fact that one must also discuss theoretical framework, conceptual framework or both when writing the literature review chapter.
3. Methodology Chapter
The third chapter of a dissertation is Methodology. It takes a skilled researcher to write a sound methodology. In other words, this is one of the most technical chapters of a dissertation that one can ever write. The methodology chapter of a dissertation provides a clear description of how the researcher conducted the given study. Going in line with this, the key details that you must include in this chapter include: area of study, sample size, sampling procedure, population, instrumentation, data collection procedure, data analysis, validity, reliability, ethical considerations and research design. This is quite an important chapter as it is usually used by experts to judge validity, reliability and trustworthiness of a given study. If you are finding a hard time writing this chapter then you should consider ordering for the services of our dissertation chapters writing experts. We assure you that our services are quite affordable. This means that you can afford our help regardless of your social-economic background. Moreover, our writing firm is legit and this means that you can trust our help with writing dissertation chapters.
4. Results & Findings Chapter
Notably, the chapter that follows methodology chapter is the results chapter. In this chapter, you are supposed to present the results of the study. Most students who do not know how to write the results chapter of a dissertation make a common mistake of trying to discuss the collected data in this chapter. Discussion of such results should be saved for the discussion chapter.
5. Discussion/Analysis Chapter
In the discussion chapter you are supposed to interpret the meaning of the results of the study. When discussing your results you are expected to link them with the existing relevant literature. In other words, it is important to synthesis your findings with existing literature. Doing so helps one to demonstrate that indeed his/her given study contributes new knowledge. It is now possible to get reliable discussion chapter writing help by simply contacting us.
6. Recommendations and Conclusions Chapter
The last chapter of a dissertation is the recommendations and conclusions chapter. In this, this chapter are supposed to suggest the various ways through which a given research problem under study can be better understood and solved. Moreover, you should summarize the major findings of your work. If you are having a hard time concluding your dissertation then you should not hesitate to order for our conclusion chapter writing services.