1. Distinguish induced and indispensable hedonism
2. State the motive of advantageousness as presented by John Stuart Mill.
3. State Aristotle’s five-part limitation of power.
4. What, according to James Rachels, is the mediate close problem with intellectual relativism as fortified proponents of the Cultural Differences Argument?
5. Does Martha Nussbaum gard that powers are not-absolute to cultivation? Yes or No
6. What is single hindrance to utilitarianism in open that John Stuart Mill discusses in Utilitarianism?
7. Does Ruth Benedict gard that intellectuality is hanging upon cultivation? Yes or No
8. How, according to Aristotle, are powers of tone artificial?
9. Aristotle offers a tripartite (three-part) dissolution of the being. What are those dissolutions?
10. Aristotle distinguishes between span kinds of powers. What are they?

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