Aims Our aim was to find out whether Pittston is a commuter settlement; meaning if residents use it to commute to work, using it as a base, getting resources from outside town. This is possible by looking at the buildings and amenities. Also using field sketches and photos to back up our information and collect data.
Pittston Pittston is a village and civil parish within the Lawlessly Vale district of Packinghouse, It is located at the foot of the Chillier Hills, about seven lies east of Lawlessly It directly adjoins the village of Ivanhoe, and the two villages share a number of their facilities. Method Financial Summary Use this section to give a brief summary of your financial, highlighting important points. This is also the perfect place for a few charts that demonstrate key financial information.
To add a chart, on the Insert tab, click Chart. The chart will automatically coordinate with the look of your report. Need some help choosing a chart type? No problem. To show values across categories, such as to compare the revenues of efferent business units, try a column or bar chart. To show values over time, such as for revenue or profit trends, try a line chart. To compare two sets of related values, such as to compare executive salaries relative to number of years with the company, try a scatter chart.

And when you’re ready to customize the look of your chart, just click in the chart and then check out the icons you see on the right for everything from style and layout to managing data. Financial Statements Statement of Financial Position Liabilities Ownership Equity Statement of Comprehensive Income (Profits and Losses) Income Expenses Profits Statement of Changes in Equity Well, it wouldn’t be an annual report without a lot of numbers, right? This section is the place for all those financial tables.
To get started with a table that looks just like the sample here, on the Insert tab, click Tables, then choose Quick Tables. Description Revenue Earnings Statement of Cash Flows Operating investing If Nan icing Notes to Financial Statements Accounts When you have a document that shows a lot of numbers, it’s a good idea to have a little text that explains the numbers. You can do that here. Debt Of course, we would all prefer to just have profits. But if you’ve got any debt, this is the place to make notes about it.

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