DQ#1 Time management is going to be important as you try to balance school with work and family life

Latoya’s- Due October 10, 2018


Time management is going to be important as you try to balance school with work and family life. Please write one or two paragraphs and consider the following:

• When and where are you planning to study and do your schoolwork? (9 points)
• Create a “Plan B,” you could implement if unexpected things come up that interfere with your planned study time. (9 points) After all, you never know when unexpected issues may come up – computer issues, a sick child, a big project at work.

(Part 1)”The Hotel Business (20 points)” Please respond to the following:
• Vacation Ownership (a.k.a. time-shares) has seen resurgence in popularity in the past few years. Compare the pros and cons of vacation ownership, and make an overall judgment. Provide specific examples of vacation ownership organizations and some of the services that they provide to support your response.
• Hotel developers have been much more environmentally sensitive in the past decade. Design a list of five or six environmentally friendly hotel amenities that hotel developers should be incorporating in all new hotel builds. Explain your rationale.

(Part 2)”Food and Beverage Operations (20 points)” Please respond to the following:
• Analyze the functions and responsibilities of the food and beverage director to determine which presents the greatest challenge(s), and make recommendations for how those challenges can be addressed. Provide specific examples to support your response.
• From the Vernon’s Restaurant simulation, determine which position at Vernon’s Restaurant you believe you would be best suited for. Explain your rationale.

“Organizational Culture and Change”

• Creating an organizational culture is one of the most significant aspects of a leader’s job. Recommend three methods you would use to emphasize service and quality as part of your organization’s culture and how the message would be communicated through the organization.
• Most people agree that change is difficult and yet change is necessary to move forward. Explain why organizations within the hotel and tourism industries have a hard time changing their core values after an extended period of time. Use this article from Inc. magazine as a guideline.

“Organizational Performance”

• In your opinion, identify the major factor that differentiates high-performing from low-performing organizations and justify your position.
• From the employees’ viewpoint, working for a high-performing organization is easier. Agree or disagree with this statement and provide your rationale.