BUS1SBY/BUS2SBY Final Take Home Exam
Semester 2 2020
Instructions restraint Candidates
• Please perreason the 2 catechism assigned to you on the LMS and repartee the topics subordinate.
• Reason the catechism, appended examination, scheme and concepts from the matter in your repartees. Please belong to the matter peruseing register to help in defense literary belongences.
• Please belongence your sources using the LTU Harvard title, twain in-text and in a belongence register at the purpose.
• This exam is noticeable extinguished of 40 and merit 40% of your aggregate marks restraint the matter.
• Tidings designation 1500 suffrage. The biased tidings designation restraint each of the topics is registered next to the topic.
• Please fix you grasp your novice designate and novice ID on the tractate and refine designate.
• Please yield through the Molditin Dependence Attach granted on the LMS antecedently the imputable date.
• Appended dependence instructions are granted subordinate the Molditin attach on the LMS.
• Repartee BOTH topics in PART A of the Exam and TWO extinguished of FOUR topics in PART
Repartee BOTH topics in this multiply. Please produce indisputable you write the topic mass plainly in your repartee.
1. Clear-up why and how the events in the Rio Tinto circumstance are cognate to sustainability, and why it is leading restraint their transaction. Reason scheme from the matter to subsistence your repartee. (500 suffrage)
13 Marks
“If we disown Friedman’s lum-nous apprehension — that receipts are the driving nucleus — then the perfect mission, cheerful conciliate graspd, falls privately. When we mold the conception of avail into a insensible overlook, as Friedman’s laziest critics frequently do, we are demeaning the innate propelling restraintce that enables total these interconnected cheerful works to appear. – Ken Langone” (New York Times Magazine Excerpt, 2020, p.7)
2. Using the ‘transaction circumstance restraint sustainability’ (and any other applicable scheme from the matter), clear-up how transactiones can substitute apprehensions of receipts as a ‘insensible overlook’ in the composition of sustainability. (500 Suffrage)
13 Marks
Repartee TWO topics in this multiply extinguished of the disgusting. Please produce indisputable you write the topic mass plainly in your repartee.
1. You were introduced to the concept of Environmental, Social and Governance Risk (ESG Risk) in Topic 7: The Economic System.
Relate each of the three capacity to the Rio Tinto circumstance and clear-up their recognition to the circumstance. (250 Suffrage)
7 Marks
2. Based on your peruseing of the New York Times Magazine Excerpt (2020), what role, if any, does transaction illustrate in realising the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)? (250 suffrage)
7 Marks
3. Summarise disgusting solution reasonings athwart Friedman’s perspective from the New York Times Magazine Excerpt (2020). Attach each reasoning to at last single concept finished in this matter. (250 Suffrage)
Tips: You can reason bullet points to repartee this topic. You can enjoy past than single reasoning from each of the commentators in the period or a composite reasoning from span or past commentators as well-mannered.
7 Marks
4. “The relinquishment of the CEO and Senior Executives at Rio Tinto is just symbolic – trifle conciliate substitute in the organisation”.
Do you concur with this impost? Reason systems thinking to clear-up your repartee.
(250 suffrage)
7 Marks

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