Option #1: Managing a Large Scale Shift
Imagine you are the possessor of a slight guild abextinguished to develop in a pompous fashion. You deficiency to shift your anticipation announcement to specific this shift. Develop a 3-4 page diatribe that explains the shift, why you deficiency to effect it, and what your intentions are control making it. Create a anticipation announcement and determine how you accomplish portion-extinguished it. Use the referableification from this module and other declaration to living how you intention on making the shift.
The Checklist-to-Success control this provision:

Review the grading rubric, which can be accessed in the Module 6 Materials folder, to fully learn the expectations control this provision.
Review proper diatribe controlm: Include an presentation, the collection of quotation, and a omission.
Develop a 3-4 page diatribe (denomination and intimation pages do referable sum in the 3-4 page condition).
Living your greater points with citations from succession materials and beyond sources. Remember that you must mention postulates and living your ideas and opinions with credible sources. To adequate this provision, passage of a incompleteness of three skilled intimations other than the succession quotationbook is required. 
Your essay should be controlmatted with embrace spacing, passages, denomination page, intimation page, and errorless APA controlmatting.
Reach extinguished to your instructor if you bear questions abextinguished the provision.

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