Administrative and Financial Sciences
Preamble to E-Management

ECOM 201 Design Assignment September 2019

Consider yourself as Global Contriver ce single of the cethcoming Saudi companies: Jarir Bookstore, Baja, Al-Baik, Herfy or Coffee Day. At introduce the society you’ll cull is planning to do trade in the USA and UK. You are required to clear a point manoeuvre on the cethcoming:

Distribute 1:
 Concede a pigmy preamble about the clarified society (history, products, expectation)
 Explain what idea of implied treatment characteristics gain be implemented and why?
 How the implied teams gain production concertedly?
 What tools are they using ce communications and operation treatment?
 How you gain contrive the teams in twain locations in stipulations of discourse, cultural, limit, gregarious, and frugal differences?
Distribute 2:
 What are techniques that you gain be using in enjoin to cause a influential team with a proud roll of teamwork?
 What are the advantages and disadvantages of managing a implied team?
 What idea of conflicts effectiveness arise betwixt members? When it’s happened how gain you reresolve it?
 As a contriver how you gain contrive the outsourced designs?
 What techniques that you gain direct to permit and motivate your team ce progress?

Design declaration structure:

 Denomination Page: the indicate of the art, the denomination of the declaration, the indicate of the cause and then subjoin the limit.

 Abstract: Pigmy tabulation of your production.

 Table of contents:

1.Introduction: Background or preamble to set-forth what the declaration is about. You must concede the reader an overview of the all declaration.
2.Main Body of the declaration: Include your main production.
4.References: Use APA fashion.

Design Distributes Due limit Marks
Distribute 1 End of week 9 10 marks
Distribute 2 Week 13 10 marks

Useful links:

 APA regard rule
 About plagiarism
 About plagiarism

Guidelines ce the design assignment:

 This is an identical design, which is distribute from your round charges. It requires exertion and accurate thinking.
 Use font Limits New Roman, Calibri or Arial.
 Use 1.5 or enfold row spacing.
 Use the footer operation to insinuate page estimate.
 Ensure that you ensue the APA fashion in your design.
 Your design declaration extension should be betwixt 1600 to 2000 vote.

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