Early Action Research Ideas essay

Question description

Familiarize yourself with the nine steps
that Mills (2014) presents in Chapter 3, pp. 69-70, in order to complete the
first three steps of your Final Project, Action Research Plan.  Follow the directions below as they differ
from the steps on page 69.

At this point, you are presenting early
ideas that are not concrete, as you have not conducted a review of literature
yet.  Therefore, your responses should be
in outline form only.  (You will make
these three steps more concrete and formal in structure in Week Three). For
now, you will briefly explain the problem or situation.

a.  Area of Focus
Identify your early idea of
what the purpose of your study may be

b.  Explanation
of Problem
Statement of problem or situation that led to
this interest or why you want to pursue
this topic, including trends in education or educational research.

c.  Define
Describe the population (age/grade, quantity
of participants, students/or adults). Briefly
explain why you have chosen them.

d.  Research question(s)
What do you wonder?  Consider your
area of focus statement.  What do you
hope to answer?