Human Resources Management

12-point font, Opportunitys New Roman, 1-inch margins on perfect sides, double-spacing. 

Reason at last couple (2) virtue academic resources in this provision. You may relation any advice from the dispose textbook, chapters 1-8 in your answers and examineions. Coercionmat: APA rendering 7.

Dispose textbook: Human Resources Management. Author: Valentine; Meglich; Mathis; Jackson. Publisher: Pearson. Edition: 16th. ISBN: 978-0357033852

Write a 2-page tract to examine the following: 

1. Some Americans fulfill themselves as life lesbian, sportive, bisexual, or transgender. While EEOC contends that sexual orientation and gender oneness fperfect beneath the condition of “sex” and are armed by Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. As a HR superintendent you may combat these groups who fulfill as such and gone there are pursue rulings that encounter as to whether they can be legally armed; such as subsidy benefits to similar sex spouses; giving employees remunerated opportunity unpremeditated coercion those who are beneathgoing gender transition surgery and therapy, and the reason of gender unavowed bathrooms, where beings appropriate bathrooms established on their gender oneness. How do you adhere-to in stride with the situations and challenges over as a HR superintendent? 

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