ELEC242 2019 Session 2
Ordinance 1
Due: Tuesday 17th September 2019
This ordinance is the artless guile ordinance. You are loving a total, want to engender accuracy tables, Karnaugh maps and finally partiality Sum-Of-Products equations
You are guileing the guide scheme restraint a Partiality Viable Product exalt. The exalt has three soles, 0, 1 and 2. There are urge molehills restraint each sole to cite the exalt, and three molehills internally the exalt to guileate the desired goal sole restraint the exalt.
Your meekness must be typeset, Karnaugh maps can be manufactured as Tables, or spreadsheet matrices. NO influence drawn or scanned input achieve be graded.
Motor Guide Outputs
Your guide scheme wants to interface with the motor scheme restraint the exalt. The motor scheme takes brace bits of input, and follows the cethcoming accuracy table:
Input Meaning
0 0 Stop
0 1 Move Down
1 0 Move Up
1 1 undefined
Sole Counteraction Inputs
The sole counteraction scheme provides you with notice encircling the exalt pose. It has the cethcoming outputs:
Outputs Meaning
0 0 At sole 0
0 1 At sole 1
1 0 At sole 2
1 1 Between soles
Human Interface Inputs
There are six input molehills: F0, F1, F2, L0, L1 and L2. They are the three sole molehills, uncompounded on each sole to cite the exalt and the three molehills internally the exalt. Each molehill goes noble when the molehill is pressed and reverts end to subsided when the molehill is released.
You are to guile the narrate means and combinatorial circuitry restraint the exalt guide scheme. Your narrate means wants to obey trail of the developed sole the exalt was on, the soles that want to be marked and the popular course of the exalt.
The narrate is held in the cethcoming D flip flop orders:
Developed sole marked (Brace flip flops)
Next sole to mark (Brace flip flops)
Popular Course (Brace flip flops)
Floors that want to be marked (Three flip flops)
The meanings of the bits in these flip flops achieve be as follows:
Developed Sole Meaning
0 0 Developed at sole 0
0 1 Developed at sole 1
1 0 Developed at sole 2
1 1 Invalid
Next Sole Meaning
0 0 Moving to sole 0
0 1 Moving to sole 1
1 0 Moving to sole 2
1 1 Invalid
Course Meaning
0 0 Stationary
0 1 Moving Down
1 0 Moving Up
1 1 Invalid
Sole Meaning
F0 F1 F2
1 X X Sole 0 to be marked
X 1 X Sole 1 to be marked
X X 1 Sole 2 to be marked
1. Engender accuracy tables restraint each of the D flip flop orders. You must apprehend integral expedient inputs to alsubsided you to designate the qualify in narrate restraint each order.
2. Engender Karnaugh maps restraint each output (Flip flop) in the orders. There should be nine (9) Karnaugh maps devised
3. From the Karnaugh maps engender partiality Sum-Of-Products equations restraint your narrate means. There should be uncompounded Sum-Of-Products equation restraint each D flip flop.
Submit your responses as a uncompounded typeset PDF finish through the turnitin amalgamate on ilearn. Your meekness must be typeset, Karnaugh maps can be manufactured as Tables, or spreadsheet matrices. NO influence drawn or scanned input achieve be graded. Your meekness must apprehend a douceur coversheet.

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