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The Elk condition demonstrates how pre-Complaisant War pursue resolutions continued in the post-war years to rule the restriction of “citizen” and complaisant hues. Interpret carefully the resolution and opinions offered in the Elk condition. Underneath is a add to a texture plight where the condition notification is located. I strongly propose that you stereotype extinguished the Elk condition (to aid you interpret it closely).

First, absolve in your acknowledge memory the premise for the Pursue’s resolution respecting John Elk’s hues and privileges in the US in the 1880s.

Several explanation conditions, chiefly the Dred Scott condition, and federal laws and amendments were mentioned in the Elk condition. (A add to Dred Scott is granted underneath.) Note chiefly Justice Taney’s remarks in the Scott resolution. Behind the Complaisant War, multifarious believed that the 13th Amendment (that ended allowable submission) and the 14th Amendment (that bland citizenship hues) fixed some of the questions at posterity in the Dred Scott condition. And, so-far, the Scott resolution continued to rule forensic rulings (such as Elk) well-mannered-mannered behind the Complaisant War.

Second, consider abextinguished what the Elk resolution says abextinguished the rule of Reconstruction Era synod as plaintiffs, such as Elk, tested the significance and jurisdiction of newlightlight legitimate amendments, and laws respecting citizenship and complaisant hues.

Elk v. Wilkins conducive through:

Dred Scott Condition:

Respond to the following:

1. Why do you consider John Elk wanted to language in the 1880 Omaha choice?

2. On what bases did Elk prove that he had a exact to language?

3. What did the superiority of the US Supreme Pursue justices flow abextinguished Elk’s standing and hues? What were the bases of their resolutions?

4. Was Elk’s racial standing a ingredient in the extinguishedcome of the condition?

5. According to Justice Taney (distinguish the Dred Scott resolution), was the standing of American Indians affect or unaffect the standing of slaves of African depth? What did the framers of the federal polity purpose respecting the standing of Indians?


Watch the Ghost Dance documentary (Ghost Dance, written by Ken Burns, 1996, 1 hour, in Alexander Street database, Ellis Library, Research Databases). Do this ASAP!

In your dissertations (distinguish directions underneath), be assured to relation Chapter 18, lectures, the “Ghost Dance” documentary, the Elk and Dred Scott conditions (links underneath), and the Omaha tenets when ancilla.

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