Embedded Microprocessor Systems Lab discussion

Question description

A list of words represented by their ASCII values is stored in memory; the words are of mixed case(upper and lower). It is desirable to change the case of all the letters in all the words into upper case.The student does not have knowledge of the number of words in the list before execution time.The process of converting a lower case character to an upper case character is done by subtracting ahex value of ‘0x20’ from the lower case character (e.g.: the letter ‘b’ has a hex value of ‘0x62’, while theletter ‘B’ has a hex value of ‘0x42’).Using the CodeWarrior® environment, write a program that:• converts a list of ASCII words (byte size) from lower case to upper case• the list is stored in memory at a location pointed to by two registers – one points to the start ofthe list, and the other to the end of the list (see the example below)• the list includes no punctuations marks or numbers, but does include spaces (these must bedetected, don’t convert them to a different character)• the converted list must be saved starting at another memory location pointed to by anotherregister (only one address register is required for this)