The solid chronicle expression focuses on attribution doctrine and how it influences the implementation of alteration technologies. Two types of employee attributions are still n essd in the expression (intentionality and erroneous intentionality), fascinate criticism these concepts and retort the aftercited inquirys:

1.    Provide a high-level overview/ abridgment of the plight examine

2.    Still n ess how auricular intentionality impacts alteration implementations

3.    Find another expression that adds to the overall findings of the plight and still n ess how attribution-based perspective enhances auspicious alteration implementations.  Fascinate be patent and detailed in retorting this inquiry.

Format Requirements:

1. The disquisition must be minimum 3 pages still address and references pages. 

2. Embrace references of at last 5 compatriot criticismed disquisitions supported your plight examine. 

3. The disquisition must forego APA Format and embrace a secrete page, an  introduction, a assemblage with amply plain gratified, a blank and  references.

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