1 Engg7302 Advanced Computational Techniques in Engineering Assignment 1: Optimisation Due date: 30 Aug 19 12:00 Where to submit: Submit the assignment report via the Blackboard turnitin assignment submission system. This assignment is worth 20% of the total marks for the course. For this assignment, you are required to carry out the process of attempting to solve different optimisation problems. For each question, you are required to report your results in detail. It should include your best solution and its corresponding solution procedures. If you are asked to solve those sub-questions using MATLAB, then their MATLAB source code is required. Marks will be awarded based on how well your submission addresses the above points. Question 1 You have certain types of chicken wire to build a temporary enclosure for holding chicken at your backyard. You plan to build a triangular enclosure (the lengths of three sides are x, y and z, respectively. See Figure 1) Figure 1 Triangular enclosure (chicken house) You have 100m of Type-1 chicken wire, and you want to maximise the area of the enclosure for your given materials. – If z=18, please find the lengths of two sides x, y using the Lagrange multiplier method. (Note: you are asked to consider a two-dimensional (2D) optimisation procedure.) x y z 2 (15 marks) – If the lengths of two sides have the following relationship: x=y. Please find the lengths of three sides x, y, z using the Successive Parabolic Interpolation method and Newton’s method. Please convert it to be a one-dimensional optimisation problem and provide your matlab code. (30 marks) ~~~For this or similar assignment papers~~~