School of Information Technology & Electrical Engineering
Engg7302 Advanced Computational Techniques in Engineering
Provision 2: Numerical Direct Algebra
Due date: attend UQ Blackboard turnitin provision inferiority scheme.
Where to submit: Submit the provision reverberation via the Blackboard turnitin provision inferiority
This provision is price 20% of the entirety marks control the progress.
It aims to lay-open your skills in programming in MATLAB, to commingle your knowledge of numerical
direct algebra and to study applications of numerical direct algebra. Your disentanglements to this provision
gain be MATLAB program listings and bearing output, unitedly with any other entraphematical
derivations, notes or explanations that aids knowledge.
In marking the provision, the controlthcoming criteria gain be applied:
– hit of the programs and entraphemetical calculations
– unclouded and pregnant documentation, in the controlm of comments in the legislation, as to the way being
used, and
– concatenation of the output in verifying the hit of the program and in illustrating the
– Some remuneration gain besides be consecrated to the aptitude of the disentanglement.
Question 1
There is a memorable b firm at M sampling points(b(1), b(2), …b(m), …,b(M)), and you are asked to
strategically fix N components x (x(1), x(2), …,x(n),…x(N)) into the scheme to deviate the memorable
profile. The qualified memorable line B=Ax+b gain suffice the controlthcoming proviso |�#��|
�� ≤∈, where B0
is the moderation blame of memorable B. And ∈ (�) = 0.0001, �=1,2,…M. In importation, b, B are twain positive
vectors. The order of components x: 0≤x(n) ≤0.006, n=1,2,…,N.
You are asked to tool the controlthcoming tasks:
– Write a entraplab legislation to minimise the 1-norm of vector x.
Note: content opine the discharge linprog() in entraplab; The entraprix A and vector b are stored
in files: A.entrap and b.mat, and in entraplab, you can access the axioms as follows: Accmanifestation A; accmanifestation b.
– Convert the vector b to be a two-dimensional (2D) entraprix axioms, b2d, whose extent is 24X24. If
you handle b2d as an conception, content manifestation abated dispose bearing (r=4) to tool conception
compression. Content contrive the primary conception (b2d) and housed conception, and blame the
compression blame.
Note: in entraplab, you can manifestation the controlthcoming legislation to tool axioms conversion:
b2d=reshape(b, [24,24]); and control conception contriveting, content opine discharge conceptionsc().

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